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Monsters are not born

What makes someone monster.  There fur, body or species.  The answer none of these. Is it the act or the reason behind it. Maybe that what make a monster.  My story start here in the pride lands. I was wet, quiet, not making a sound. Just a few hours old. One day i would know where i come from. Just not now.

Cadira was the one who found me. she was getting a drink of water one night and saw me at some rocks. She quickly walk over to me and sniff me. She then lick me and i started to cry. "Mew! Mew! Mew!" I cried moving my body. Cadira smile happy that i was alive. "Mew! Mew! Mew! Mew!"

"Ohthnk goodness. I dont know how long you have been out here but i have to get you to my daughter now!" Cadira pick me up by the body and made her way to her daughter nursing cave. most lioness would nurse a cub that needed but Cadira daughter was diffrent.

to put it short we would never get along. it can even go as far as hate. but i did not hate her. "No way mother I'm almost done nursing my own cubs." Johari spoke in an upset tone. "besides i have my own cubs to take care of i dont need a forth."

"Johari your the only one who is nursing and you wont be the one to raise her. the pride can take care of that." Cadira spoke trying to reason with her daughter. "be reasonable Johari!"

Kat, Ye and Ada still had there cub spots. Both Kat and Ada stay away from me. But Ye had walk over to me and was pushing me with her paw. "Ba...babby..big ... me."  Ye spoke happily with wobbly legs. ""

"Mother i dont care! look at her! She's younger then my cubs and she as big as them." Johari spoke with disgust. "I want no part in this freak!"

"That quite enough Johari." A firm voice spoke. Both johari and Cadira look to see who it was. King Ahadi of the pride lands. they both bow there heads. "Johari there is a starving cub in front of you. We help those in need no mater how they look like."

"With all due respect sir. my milk is for my cubs and there almost done." Johari spoke with respectful tone. "It's not for outside cubs sir."

Ahadi did his best not to growl. "Johari." He said a low tone his claws out for a moment. it then went back in one he saw the fear in her eyes. he felt bad and hated Mjeuri for it. But he kept his tone. "You will nurse the cub johari. good night." before Ahadi could leave he turn to Cadira. "What is the name of our new pride member?"

"Hhmm... i like the name Waka." Cadira poke with a smile.

"Waka it is then." Ahadi said and walk out. "Good night."


Time went by quickly after that. Johari nurse me which made her up set. thanks to my suckling more milk was produce. once i no longer needed her milk she was quick to hand me over to her mother. i grew quite big for a female and was bigger then Kat, Ye and Ada.that was not the only thing that made me stand out i was very fluffy and had a a little black mane and  Still i was the youngist. i was quite a lonely cub.

we were the only four cubs in the pridelands. each sister had there own way of interacting with me. Ada did not interact with me at all. she would be around me when she had to but beyound that she just didn't. to be honest it hurted a lot. i did not know why she did not want to be my friend. i just did not know what was wrong with me.

Kat was somewhat the same. but she at least know my presence. she  would have short conversations with me but other then that she would be by her self. it hurted but it made it some what better.

Ye was very different from both of her sisters. ye would play with me every now and then. we weren't best friends but i guess i made  her curious about what i was. but because she was always around Ada  we could not become close. no we were not friends just associates.

i had Cadira who treated me normal so i like her a lot. we would talk for hours and play with one another. I wanted to be stronger so i ask her to teach me how to hunt. she teach me how to hunt small animals such as mice, rabbits and hares. i was good at what i do but i still had the mind of a cub.

Kirum was also nice he would give me small fighting lesson's and i woud do sneek attacks on him all day.  when he was guarding the  king i was alone again. there was also the kings son Mufasa was kind to everyone even me. He teach me many lesson's on how to be treated and how to treat others. Still i found my self alone.

the only one left was. him. Taka. he was diffrent. i did not hate him still i found my self watching my back around him. Now that is everyone in the pride and then some. I bet your ready to get  down to work. well here we go. But it is a dark one. nothing nice at all.

I was watching the three of them. my ears went back as i lay down on a rock. i dare not approuch them. If i did they would just move away. Johari was there to but she seem to be thinking. “ARRRGGHH!!! GET OFF!” Kat scream trying to get Ye off her. I was not so far off from them so i could hear everything.

“What’s the magic word?”  Ye teased with a smile.

“I’m warning you!” Kat scream with her claws out.

“Nope! You Lose.” Ye said playfully.

“You’ll lose your head if you don’t get off right now!” Kat scream trying to get ye off her.

“Pfft… you didn’t even say ‘please’…” ye said.

“I shouldn’t HAVE to say ‘please’! just get Off!!!” Kat scream.

“Ada,sort your sisters out will you? I have more important things to do…” the very up tight lioness spoke.

“Yes Mommy.” Ada said.

Annoyed at Johari attitude I turn my attention to Ada , Kat and Ye. Jeeze what a bitch.

“OW! Kat, Let Go!” Ye scream at Kat.

“Not until you say sorry!” Kat growl.

“SAY IT!” Kat demands.

“NEVER!” Ye scream in denial. “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”

I can see Ada loosing patients. “KNOCK IT OFF!!!”

“Ye started it!” Kat scream.

Ye acting like she’s in shock try’s to deny it. “*gasp* I did NOT!”

Ada not caring try’s to squash it. “Who care? I’m finishing it!”

“Why? Who put you in charge, anyway?” Kat demands not backing down.

“Mother did actually, so and behave. She’s busy.”  Ada said.

“She’s always busy…” she said.

“Yeah… and I know why…” Kat declare.

“Yeah? Why then?” Ye asks wanting to know. “Well come with me and I can show you…” Kat said.

“*gasp* you want to spy on MOTHER?” Ada screams.

“Um…yes.” Kat said.

“Are you mad?! She’ll flip!” Ada said.

“Who cares what she’s busy with anyway? It’ll be boring adult stuff! Hunting or something! We can’t go get in her way! And SPYING on her, KAT? No! You’ll get into trouble!” Ada scream at her.

“So? What’s she gonna do? Get you to yell at me again? HA!” Kat said with an evil smile. “You can stay here all alone like a good girl if you’re too scared, Ada…But us two are going to find out if what I’ve been thinking is true. Come on, Ye- let’s go.”

“You too Waka. ” Kat said and i lift up my head in surprise. "Oh man.. you knew i was here!"

"Everyone knew you were here. your were hiding behind very short grass." Kat spoke as Ada and Ye roll there eyes. "Now sense you wanna spy on us you can come along with me to."

It was the first time anyone had invited me to anywhere. so i walk over to kat ready to go. "Um ok. and for the record i knew you could see me." I buff.

"Yeah sure you did." Kat spoke with a roll of her eyes.

“Nah…Ada’s right… it’s best to stay put.” Ye said looking away.

“Pfft…whatever, then. But Ada’s not the boss of me!” Kat said. “Catch you later, I Guess.”

“Well you know what they say, don’t you?” Ada said. “’curiosity killed the cat’…”  this made Kat moe then mad. she storm off and i follow behind her. Even if i was bigger then Kat she was older then me. so following behind her made me feel happy.

I did not know what i would find with kat but nothing could prepare me for it. It was like a lone mouse in a hunt.  I had to give Kat  props. she was a way better tracker then me. it made me jelous. I mean i was a good hunter but she was alble to track down a grown up.

But then out of no where i saw him. his blue eyes were like cold and icy. the dark patches on his eyes only add to it. he had a dark demenar about him. a cold chill went up my spine. he was one scary lion.

“So that’s WHY I didn’t come last night, Mjeuri –the king stopped me. I wanted to come! I was on my way, but I didn’t have a choice! I would have been caught otherwise…” johari explain herself. Mjeuri was just not impress.

“Well, you’re here now… that’s what matters. Have you thought about what I said.” the lion said. Not once smiling being happy to see johari. it was more like it was a busness.

“Of course I have! It’s all I ever think about! But I don’t think it’s possible, Mjeuri! You know how strict my parents are… they’ll never let me leave the pride, and even if I did, they’d only follow me. And it’d make your life harder… is it really worth it?” johari tried to reason with Mjeuri obviously not wanting to leave the pride. I look to Kat who was just confuse about the whole thing.

“So, you’re just going to let them control your life forever, are you? What about what WE want, johari? If you don’t stand up to your parents we’ll never be together!” Mjeuri said trying to convince johari and of course she was weakening.

“Think about it! You’ve got too many eyes on you while you’re here, johari. Last night proves that – if Ahadi really did stop you like you said. We could have a life of our own, you and me. Our own pride…nobody to order you around or keep us apart! And then of course there are our children! Do you know how much it pains me that I’m not allowed to meet them, all because your stupid parents? They’ll ruin our lives johari. So I wish you’d just come away with me so we can be together…..” he said with a sad expression. He was so good I believe him. I honestly felt bad for him. Maybe he need another chance. But still i had that cold chill on my spine.

“All I want is to be with you! but that’s only possible if we run away, you know? I’m not sure if I can leave my family like that and never see them again. They’re a pain, but I do love them.” johari said. That might have been the most non bitchy thing I heard her ever say. Maybe i did not need to hate her maybe i could attualy like her.

Mjeuri then look upset. “Well you better decide who you love more- them, or me- because you can’t have both!” he said. this made me a bit upset. she would not turn her back on her family would she. “Unless, of course….Taka’s the reason you don’t want to leave…”

“NO!!! I’ve told you before not to be jealous of that little rat! I can’t stand him and I love YOU! And if running away with you is what it takes to prove it, then I’ll do it! I promise!” She promises. This was not good all i had for company was kat and her sisters. if they left i would be all alone. She would not leave for this jerk would she?

“Good. Then you’d better tell me more about our children.” Kat face went into shock when she heard that. my ears went back as i got as low as i could in the grass.

“There’s not much to say than what you already know. Ada the smart one. She’s a good kid. Ye is loud and hyper, and Kat… well, Kat is the runt.” The nightmare that is our life said. Kat had an angry expression on her face.

“I AM NOT A RUNT!” Kat scream running out. i stay in the tall grass. Mjeuri was terrifying. I wanted to be brave but i just could not be. Both Johari and Mjeuri both had an angry look on their faces.

"I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die!  I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die! I dont wanna die!" I think in my head in fear. "NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo!"

“So this is Waka." Mjeuri spoke with curiosity as he walk over to me in the tall grass. "I never seen such a huge cub. You say she younger then my own?"

"She just a freak Mjeuri." Johari spoke looking at me. I just look down sadly. "I just glare at her. “And your daughter friends with her! Which reminds me. Pfft. Meet your daughter, Mjeuri.”

Mjeuri walk away from me and I walk next to kat.“This is Kat? Sneaky little thing isn’t she? And she has a big voice for one so small…” Mjeuri said.

“Yes she’s a pain in the ass. Her attitude stinks and she’s always in a bad mood.” Johari said.

“Just like her mother, then.” Mjeuri said binding down to get a better look at Kat. . “Looks like me, doesn’t she? And what about the other two? Who do they look like?”

“You’ll see for yourself soon enough. What are you doing here anyway, Kat?! You KNOW I don’t like you following me when I’m busy!” johari screams and she turn to me. "And you little freak! You know i dont like you around my cubs or me so stop following us around."

I wanted to say something mean to her but i just could not. I just didnt have the courage. Her words were like a knife. it cut me deep but what i would do is glare at her. “Relax, Johari. There are other ways to deal with cubs other than yelling at them.She can’t be THAT much trouble. After all, she’s so……TINY…” Mjeuri said angrily. I dont know what snap inside of me i just growl. my ears went up and my claws were out.

"Leave her alone!" I snarl and ran forward. I bite his paws and he did his best to ignore the pain. "Get your dam paws off her!"

“And the other one I gotta say is a pain in the ASS!” Mjeuri spoke in annoyance. he then paw slap me and i land on my belly. he step on my back and keep me down. "Dam for a freak you sure are a fighter!"

“Uh…Mjeuri…” Johari said shock.

“Don’t worry, I’m not hurting her. Am I Kat?” he asks Kat. I look at Kat I could tell she was scared this just made me madder. I just kept clawing harder and kept trying to bit him.

“N-no, but-“She said scared.  

But Mjeuri just cut her off.” Disobeying your mother is not on, Kat. You certainly won’t get away with bad behavior now I’m a part of your life. Do you understand?” he asks angrily.  He then turn to me and i just kept biting. "Would you stop you little monster!"

“I'm going to tare you apart!” I scream angrily still clawing and trying to bite Mjeuri paw.

"JOHARI!!!" I heard a scream.

"Crap…" I saw Johari face went. She knew she was screwed. But she quickly recovers. "Oh no…what are YOU doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing! And why is HE here?!"  Sarafina yells at her. "Get your paws off Kat,Mjeuri!" I never saw sarafina so mad. she was baring her teeth. "And get your paws off waka!" Sarafina is someone i never cover is she. Well unlike other she do her best to take care of me but her pride duty also made me alone sometime.

"Relax, sarafina! I'm not doing any harm!" Mjeuri yell getting mad.

"I don't care! You shouldn't even BE here! WAIT until I tell Ahadi…" sarafina yells.

Mjeuri then remove his paw from me and kat and I gave his paw a bite. "*GROWL SNARL*" I went.

"OWE!" he swipe his paw at me and I dodge it.

"Leave Waka alone!" Sarafina growled. "I'm going to get the king."

"There's no need for that, sarafina! I was just leaving anyway." Mjeuri said angrily.

"Good! And you better not come back!" Sarafina growls still angrily baring her teeth.

"Believe me… I won't." Mjeuri said angrily walking off. We all watch him walk off until he disappears.

"Good! And you better not come back!" Sarafina yells at him as she watch him walk away. I was still growling and snarling lock in a rage. my claws dig into the dirt.

"Happy now?" Johari ask angrily at sarafina.

"Honestly, Johari, when will you learn?!" sarafina yield at johari angrily.

"When will YOU mind your own business? You can't stand to see me happy, can you?" johari yells at sarafina.

I and sarafina both just roll our eyes. "Ugh, HERE we go…" sarafina said.

"It's true, sarafina! You're jealous that I've got someone and nobody loves you… that's what this has always been about!" johari said. None of then notice the rage that i was lock in.

"Jealous?! Listen to yourself! The only thing I'm jealous about are those three beautiful cubs you've been blessed with! And you sure as hell don't deserve them.." sarafina retorted.  

"You take that back! Who do you think you are?!" johari scream angrily.

"I'm your SISTER, that's who! Only you're too stupid to see that I care about you!" sarafina yells.

"Yeah? Well you might hate Mjeuri so much, but just remember these cubs wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for him! And I LOVE my cubs! All of them johari yells angrily.

"LOVE them?! Well, you have a funny way of-"sarafina yells then she stop and look at Kat. Kat was laying there looking at her. Sarafina then had a sad expression. "Now isn't the time, Johari we'll talk later-take your daughter home." He then walk over to me and lick my head. "Calm down Wayna. calm down."

"Why don't YOU take her home if you think I'm such a terrible Mother!" she screams at sarafina. "Or better still- take her off my paws completely!" she then ran off leaving me, Kat and sarafina.

"Johari!" sarafina scream at her. "You are so IMPOSSIBLE!" Sarafina licks me and pick me up. "Oh Wayna I never seen you like this."

"He hurt us! he hurt us!" I scream with a growl my claws going in diffrent directions. "Snarl!"

Latter on sarafina took me home. she spent the whole afternoon to turn me out of my rage lock. she then talk to me. "Waka don't breathe a word to mom and dad." She said.

“Why?! You should tell on her! Your sister is an idiot! If anything happen to them it will be her fault and her fault alone.” I said. Sarafina explain to me that I may have a point but still it would be better for everyone if she handle it. Just then Cadira walk to us. "Ok sarafina. You better handle it! Because if you dont were also to blame."

The next day I spy on Johari. She receives a message from Mjeuri to leave to night. after that kat seek me out. No one has ever done that before. seek me out. "Why?" She ask simply.

I knew what she meant by that. Why? "Because you ye and Ada are all i have." I spoke with my ears back. tears were staring to fall. "I know you think i'm a freak. that my mane make me strange or maybe it's my size. but you and ye acknowledge me.  I know it's may not be something to you but it's nice not to be alone. It's nice to be accepted. there relief in it. But if you dont want me around you it's ok." I then stood up and began to walk away.

"Wait!" Kat spoke she look down sadly. I turn around to look at her. "I'm sorry. I was never good to you. I treated you like a freak. But your not a freak. Your just alone. That change now Waka would you like to be my friend... You don't have to alone anymore."

I smile and turn around and nuzzle her. "Good." I spoke

That night I followed johari. She had Kat in her mouth and Ada and ye behind her. Kat was a sleep. Then we all saw Mjeuri. They then began to run from the distance. Iran as fast as I could to keep up. As I ran to keep up I couldn't help but think about everyone at pride rock. We were all never deeply close but they care for me and love me. they made sure i lived. Tears were in my eyes I would keep Ada, Kat and ye safe!

"No looking back now! Keep on running!" I heard Mjeuri voice.

"Mommy slow down! We can't keep up!" Ada Yelled.

Kat then awoken from the noise."WAAAAAAH! YOU LIED! YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE! PUT ME DOWN! I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE AUNTY! I WANT MY AUNTY! WAAAH!" she cried struggling to be free from her mother.  I kept running I wouldn't let Kat be alone! I wouldn't let Ada be alone! I wouldn't let ye be alone! I wouldn't let anyone be alone!
Monsters are not born
if you put in fav please put a commit. it dont have to be long.
lion king 

warrior cats




i hate one sentence answers. Ionly do paragraph rp as well
Tynan ears went up lead his group with his ears up and tail down.  Going up Mt. freeze was no easy task. already most of his hunting party had to retreat.  The pokemon here were very strong it was not like it matter.

Nothing would stop Tynan from his goals. In the end he wanted Dark Types to be back to there throne of power. With Wayna this dream could be relies.

If any other hunting party get to her before them he knew it would just take longer to complete his goals. he would have waste his power on a lost cost.

Theluji was next to his father with his ears down and tail down. he sigh to him self. He really mess up. he had the human right in his paws, then she got away. "King Tynan." Theluji spoke to his father. "I'm sorry that the Eevee got away."

"Never mind that Theluji." Tynan spoke to his son. "Just do not fail me again son."

"Yes father." Theluji spoke looking the other way.

"On top of that this is our chance for you to have your own batrothal." Tynan spoke looking foward as they walk. Theluji look at his with confusion.

"Betrothal?" Theluji ask with a turn of his head. "I thought i already had a betrothal?"

"Not any more." Tynan spoke with his ears back. "Once we break that Eevee she should produce a strong child for you son. My time as king is soon to come to an end. before that i want you to have everything you need to rule."

Theluji ears went up in approval. "Yes father i will be honer." Theluji spoke with a smile. "When i'm king i will make darmin my Genneral. Then i can come out of the shadows and let the whole world know who i'm."

"Yes that would be nice for you but not yet." Tynan spoke looking at his son. "You can be found out. not yet. I have no illusion the other kingdoms wont try to kill you if they know you are my son. Now let's go. Were almost there."

It was a long journey to the peak. We had to fight pokemon after pokemon.  we even all have to stop to eat an oran berry.

As we walk in Char look around. "We've finally arrived." Char spoke as he look around. "This is the summit. But i don't see ninetails anywhere."

"Nor do i." lycaon spoke with his horn going side to side. "But i know the ninetails is here-"

he was then cut off by voice's. "There they are! I see Wayna." One person spoke. "All right! I see them!"

Me, Char and lycaon all turn around to Alakazam and his team. "Alakazam!" Char went in fear.

"It's about time we finally caught up to you. Your fugitive act dragged us all the way out here..." Tyranitar spoke looking at us. "It's best that we go ahead and killyou our selve's. I highly doubt the kings will give you a respectful death."

"Pipe down, Tyranitar." Charizard growl to the other dragon type. "We can finally settle things here. I can barely contain myself. I'm itching for a fight." He then turn to Char. "Char, I'm sorry as one from the fire kingdom to another. I'm sorry. I don't know how to show mercy."

"Oh shit....." I said with a growl. My ears were up and tail was to. I was fearful but still. I would not back down. if i was to die i would kill until i fall. "Fine if it can not be help i will fight to the very end."

"Not even i don't want to kill any one." lycaon spoke as he then growl showing his teeth. "But if death is the only way then so be it!"

"Wayna you must understand." Alakazam spoke with sadness. "I did not wish for this conclusion... Still this too is fate. The role of a rescue team is to bring peace. We, will destroy you with all our might. Get them."

Everyone then clash. but the force of all our power cancel each other out. we all fall back hitting the wall.  I got to my feet fast and so did Alakazam. We hit each other hard matching blow for blow.

we were all about to clash again when a voice was heard. "Cease this at once!" just then a ninetails fall from the roof and land in front of me. "My name is Aethelwulf. We will fight no more Alakazam." Everyone was shock. Alakazam was lost for words. not even Charizard would speak. Aethelwulf then turn to me. "They are my guest."

Alakazam then recover from his shock. "Tell us Aetheluwulf." Alakazam spoke. "Who is the human who appeared in your legend? How is it that you live for so long?"

Aetheluwulf turn back to Alakazam with a smile. "A lot of things are not know about us ninetails. we are a very close in race of pokemon. truth be told we are a very long live race. Even for humans." Aetheluwulf spoke softly, he then look at me. "Wayna is not the human who appear in my legend. Also if you ever do find the human who appear in my legend they are not responsible for the weather change."

"But your legend say's that the human that turns into a pokemon, there will be horrible weather change." Charizard spoke with confusion. "Will that not fix the weather."

"No it will not." Aetheluwulf spoke as he turn back to them. "Yes it is true that there will be a horrible weather change with the human in my ledgend apperanse, but killing them will not fix a thing."

Char then walk forward. "So Wayna is not the human who appear in the ledgend?" Char ask with his arms cross. "Just to be clear on things."

"Wayna is not the human that appear in my legend." Aetheluwulf spoke with a smile. "I'm sorry for the confusion Wayna. I'm glad that i can help you clear your name. Hehehe."

"Thank you." I spoke with a smile. "Now i can have my life back. Then we can get back to work. Right Cha-"

"YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" Char scream putting his hands in the air. he then walk around me happily. he open his arms and gave me a huge hug. "I knew you were innocent! hehehehe!" He then turn to Alakazam and his team. "Hey you guy accuse her of all that trouble!"

"heheheh were sorry it's just well we sort of gotten work up on that gengar." Alakazam spoke with a bit of guilt. "Truly we are sorry."

"Yes we are" Charizard spoke with a flap of his wings. "And i knew you were innocent Wayna. hehehe still someone should do something about that Gengar."

"Yes he do have a way of working people up over nothing." Tyranitar spoke with a growl. "But you two should be proud of your self's. Who would have thought a little Eevee and Charmander had so much fight in them."

"Yes Char you would do our kingdom proud." Charizard spoke with a smile.

"Yes thank you." Char spoke putting a hand on his back. "That reminds me. What about the kings's and other kingdoms. they still think were fugitives."

"Let me handle this." Aetheluwulf  spoke with a smile. "I'm sure i can convince the kings that there is no danger." just then the whole cave shake uncontrolabley.

"What is this?" I Ask Aetheluwulf. "Whats going on?"

"Oh no!"Aethluwulf spoke with his ears back. "he has awoken. Groudon has awaken. the waether and paltes are getting worse. Groudon awaken is bad he must be stop!"

"Dont worry me and Wayna will handle it." Char spoke with determination. "We should get to it now."

"No!" Alakazam spoke with a huff. "We will handle Groudon. You two head home. Please do not argue with me. We have to make up for what we did to you two. Aethluwulf please go alert the kings of Wayna and Char innocents."

"Are you sure you guys can handle it."  Char ask them. "I heard the story about him. He's not going to be easy to beat."

"Aw don't worry about us." Charizard spoke with a roar of a laugh. "We can handle him. You twojust go home and get some rest."

"Alright." Char spoke and look at me. "If you can really handle it."

"I'm glad you will handle it." I said to them with a smile. "Char let's get going. Let go home."

"Yes i can't wait." Char spoke and we then left with  Aetheluwulf. Aetheluwulf explain to all the kings of the danger of the weather and plates were not my fault nor was i the human who appear in the legend. Most of the kings were glad that they did not have to kill anyone all but one. Tynan kept his anger hidden.

Now that was clear up me and Char went home. Char was a bit upset but not as upset as me. Gengar has cause us a lot of trouble and i just wanted to do away with him. When we walk into pokemon sqaure everyone was shock.

"Wayna is back." Snubbull spoke with his ears back.

"Oh no they are back."  Medicham spoke with fear. "Why are they still alive?"

"Oh man how did they survive Mt.Blaze?" Shrifty spoke with awe. "I mean i can understand Char but Wayna?"

"Hey were back everyone." Char spoke with a smile. he then look at Gengar. "hey gengar!" Gengar jump back a bit. "Growl you told nothing but lies to everyone. Wayna is innocent you jerk."

"Yeah i'm!" I said walking forward with a growl showing my teeth. I growl at him and his lackeys. "You better pray that i don't catch you or your buddies out of pokemon square. because if i do it's lunch time!"

Gengar took a step back but smile. "hehehe alright i see that you both have some confidence now." Gengar said with a smile happily. "Tell me where is your proof Char and Wayna. How do we know that your not telling a lie."

Char then look sad for a moment. "We don't have any proof." Char spoke with sadness. he then look brave again. "But were not lieing! What gengar aid was a lie. We even meet ninetails to prove it!"

Gengar  then look at the other pokemon. "As if." Gengar said with a laugh of his team. "Everyone get her." Everyone look at me as i look them all in the eyes. None of them made a move to me. When it became clear that no one would attack me, Gengar growl. "Hey whats the big idea? Why don't you all attack Wayna."

"Well the thing is gengar."Snubbull spoke. "I trust what Wayna and Char say."

"Yeah so do i." Lombre spoke softly. "Wayna and Char are to kind they are sweet and protect pokemon."

Shrifty took a step back. "Yeah, Wayna and her team rescue me as well. it would be wrong to attack her." Shrifty spoke looking the other way. "I wont do it Gengar."

Just then Pelipper flew in and drop a bunch of papers. Lombre then walk forward and pick up a paper. "I will read this out loud." lombre spoke. "EXTRA Wayna is innocent. Ninetails has clear up the whole thing. Gengar words are nothing but out right LIES!"

Everyone then look at Gengar with a growl. He and his team look at everyone in fear. "Um gotta go!" He then took off with a run.

"Get back here you baster!" Lombre yell out giving chase.

"You wont get away with this." Shrifty yell with a snarl and gave chase as well. "Come on Sunbbell!"

soon all the pokemon were gone chasing down Gengar and his team. Me and Char look at each other and smile. to be honest we were very happy. now our lives could get back to normal.
It took some time for me and Char but it was turning night time for us. Still we did not stop.  So my harrowing journey continued. Seeking refuge in even harsher places... We fled north. We crossed row upon row of mountains... Forded fetid swamps.... Scaled frozen cliffs... Till finally, our tiny team arrived in a world of snow...

A frigid wasteland of driving blizzards. Me and Char was walking on a snowy path.  "Oh man it's cold." Char whine. "I wish we were in a more sunny place."

"You wanted to get as soon as possible out of Mt. Blaze." I told Char as i look back at him. "What wrong my big bad dragon? Cant handle cold weather?"

"Shut up." Char spoke with a huff. "I did wanted to get out. dam it. it remind me of home." Char growl with his claws in a fist. "Listen Wayna back at home i was the only child. my mother and father could not be more happy. my father was cold but he spend time with me. he would teach me how to fight and explore the kingdom with me. It's because of him i wanted to become an explore. My mother was always up tight but still she teach me how to read and write. times were good and i was happy."

"Oh Char." I said sadly with my ears back and tail down i walk to him and nuzzle him. "What happen?"

"I was so blind Wayna." Char spoke and it look as if he was going to cry. "My father as general and over seer'er was task with stopping others from leaving our kingdom and punishing those who who broke the rules. One day a call for him came out. I ask if i could come but he told me no... to just stay home and train. but i wanted to come after all i was to be a general one day. i just wanted to learn... so i follow him. he was at the border and a young Numel was trying to escape. My father ask him why and the young numel told him that he had his mate from another land had past away. My father said why did he not get clearance for a visit. But the numel told him he was denied and he was send to prison for mating with an outsider. now he was not allow to go to the funeral, so he try to leave the land to say goodbye to her. My father had two options life in prison or death. He chose death."

"Oh no!" I said in fear with my eyes wide open. "He did not just kill him like that did he."

"No it was way worse. He was put in prison and i had to run back home before he found out i follow him." Char said looking down with a blaze tail. "The next day i left from home. I wanted to see that young Numel in the prison. To help him. But it was already to late. My father gather the whole kingdom. He made the young Numel stand on stage. The young numel beg and plead. he told them he would never leave again. but my father would not have it. then in one moment he was put to death by flamethower!" Char grab me and hug me deeply. "It was the worst thing i ever saw. when the flame rise all that was left was a scream pose burn Numel. As the days that follow i stay away from my father and mother. I heard mother said the numel got what he deserve. It was then that i realize that my family was nothing but monsters. I had to leave i wanted nothing to do with my fathers kingdom. so i ran. I decide that i was going to sneak out thru the mail. there was a bag full of mail for the Pelipper. it took a whole flock of them to carry. so i sneak in there and soon enough i was gone."

I Look at Char as he hold me. he was crying in my fur. "Oh Char i had no idea. I'm so sorry. Don't worry we will get thru this. ok? We will be just fine."

Just then boom. We were both side blind by a shadow ball. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Me and Char scream in pain. I look up to see Theluji standing over me with his paw on my neck.

"Very Good Darmin." Theluji smile with as he bind down and bite me by the scruff, picking me up. "For get the runt of a Charmander. I want you to to tell my father that we have her."

"Yes my prince." Darmin said with a bow of his head.

Only to have Theluji growl at him. "Quiet! if the others hear you call me that then were in trouble." Theluji growl at him with his ears up.

"Sorry my king." Darmin spoke with his back. "It wont happen again my lord." I open my eyes a bit and saw a absol looking at us with deep blue eyes.

"Good now go!" Theluji growl with his ears up. "You will make a great addition to our kingdom. You will be my wife and together we will rule the kingdom." he knew he had to break her. She would need to know her place before he could use her and rule the world.

as theluji was about to walk away with me in tow, he was hit by an ice beam. "Aaaahhhh!" he scream in pain. He fall to the ground in a thud and i close my eyes.

When i reawaken i was being carry by Char. "Char what happen?" I ask him with my ears back. "What happen to Theluji Darmin?"

"I don't know." Char said as he walk carrying me on his back. "We were ambush. i was knock out but when i woke back up Theluji was knock out and so were you. I could not waste time. i had to put you on my back and carry you."

"Thank you." I said to Char and climb off his back. "But still i think i know what happen. An absol sort of help me. I'm not sure if he was there but if he was he save us."

"Really? Good." Char spoke with a flame tail. "Maybe he can help us some how."

I didn't even know if he was real. oh well. If he is real then maybe we have a friend. Oh well. Finally we made it to the entrance to the frosty forest. maybe one day this will all be over.

someone has intruded upon the forest... the enfeebled flow of icy winds....Is the intrusion to blame? It must be stop no mater what. For it is to protect the forest...


"This way king Tynan." Darmin said leading the way back to Where theluji and Wayna was. That was untill they saw Theluji slowly awoken on the ground. "Theluji!"

"Uuhh..." Theluji went in pain as try to get up. Darmin ran over with the king and the other guards.

"Theluji. Are you alright?" Darmin ask theluji ask him trying to help his general up.

Tynan seem unconcern. "tell me you did not loose the Eevee!" Tynan growl at his general with his ears up and tail up. "Do you know how much time i spent making sure the others not know what we are up to?"

Theluji ears were back and tail down. "king Tynan. it was not my fault. someone blind sided me!" Theluji spoke trying to reason with the king.

"Yet I do noy have my human. Now i want no excuses!" Tynan growl with his ears up and tail up. He stood over theluji who was crotch down. "We will go into the frosty forest and get my human! faluair is not an option! let's go!"

"Yes my king!" Thelujis spoke with his ears back and til between his legs. he then got up as King Tynan lead the way. Theluji was angry. He would find who blind him. and he will kill him.


One's we were the peak we look around. for me it was so pretty. I don't know why but cold place's made me happy. to be in a place so differ made me so happy. It truly took my mind off the fact that we was being hunted.

Char look around a bit. "We sure have gone far in this place." Char said happily and look around. "I'm sure we made a good run Wayna. Don't you."

"Yes but we should keep moving." I said looking at Char. "If Theluji and his king got past Moltres then more can get past him. Let's not waste time."

"Your right i don't know how we escape theluji the first time but we did." Char said looking forward. "I think we'll be out if we can get through this part. We should not be to far."

We both began to walk forward. that was until we heard a calm but strong voice. "Turn back!" The voice said sternly. "You may not pass..."

"Who is there?!" Char spoke with a blaze tail.

"Oh man not again!" I said looking around. I really did not want to fight someone else after Moltres. "Be ready Char!" I growl with my ears up and tail between my legs.

"You are forbidden to pass..." the voice command more brave. "If you persist in trying to pass... Then so be it... Only when you have defeated me! Can you pass." The a huge bright light light up the whole place. then a huge blue bird pokemon show it self to us. "I'm Articuno! The warder of ice. Those that enter the forest i shall destroy with all my might!" He then spreed his big blue wings. "Let us begin!"

We brace our self and Articuno try to use wing attack on us both, but we jump out of the way. I took a blast seed out of my bag. I then crack the seed and throw it at Articuno. it was a direct hit. "AAAAHHHH!!!" He scream in pain. "Dam it."

"Great shot Wayna!" Char spoke and then send a powerful ember at Articuno. Another direct hit.

"AAhhh!!" The big bird pokemon scream in pain again. he then flew high in the air. "Enough of this!" he then use ice beam hitting Char hard.

"AAhh!!" Char went and fall to the ground in pain almost passing out.

"No Char!" My eyes went wide in fear for him. I growl and start to glow. "Facade!" I went and my eyes glow and send a beam of light at Articuno.  Articuno fall in pain and i ran over to Char. I look into my bag to pull out a oran berry. "Eat this now!"

"I....I...Cant..." Char spoke to weak. Dam it! I love over to Articuno who was trying to stand up again. I then did the next best thing. I bite into the oran berry and force feed it to Char. Char then awoken  with wide eyes. he grabs me and gave me a deeper kiss. "Wayna...."

He was cut off by me pushing him out of the way. A harsh Wind attack hit me hard sending me flying. "Wayna!" he scream looking at me hit the ground with a thud.  He turn to Articuno with a growl. His eyes wide with anger and his claws grew longer and turn to steel.

"It's useless!" Articuno spoke with a caw. "I must admit one more hit from your friend and even i will not last long. Now that she is out of the way i can make sure you never get up again!" He then flap his wings and send a huge gust a wind at Char.

"How! Dare! You!" Char yell and jump at Articuno. He counter the gust of wind with his metal claw.  He then use Ember on Articuno and I slowly climb to my feet. I slowly stumble to Articuno.

Articuno was batter and bruise as he climb to his feet. "i wont let you defeat me!" He went and send an Ice beam at Char way. I jump in front of the ice beam canceling it out with my Facade.  It made a big explosion.

Char thinking on his feet jump into the air and use metal claw on articuno. Articuno already injurer fall to the ground in pain. "AAAhhhhh" He scream defeated.

I smile at Char as he land on the ground. "Did you see that Wayna! We did it!" Char went in joy. He look back at me as i sat don in pain. "Oh no!" Char ran over to me and went into my bag. He pull out two Oran berry. "eat Wayna."

I ate the berry and so did he. Soon we were back to our full health. We then look at articuno who struggle to stand. "No i can not loose! No i can not!" He scream in pain. he struggle to stand up.

"Please!" Char spoke with a sadness in his eyes. "We have to past no mater what. please let us pass."

"Yes do you really want to fight us so much." I spoke with sympathy. "I mean none o us really want to kill each other. just let us go."

Articuno then screech spreading his huge blue wings. "No! I cannot allow your passage!" he scream at us both. "the frigid forest's air... It has warm considerably in recent times."

"What do you mean warm up?" Char ask with his arms cross. "It's  so cold."

"You are a fire so you do not know the difference." Articuno spoke looking at me and Char. "The flow of frigid air has been disturbed i n the forest. Snow has started to melt. snow is melting snow that has never melt before. This has never happen no not once. the you appeared in the forest..." he then spread his wings high. "Is this not your doing?!"

"No we have nothing to do with it!" Char said in fear getting ready for another fight. "We would never do something like this."

"yeah you gotta believe us." I said with my ears back and tail between my legs. "I love how your home look. We would never change it."

"that all you want me to believe that!?" Articuno snarl flapping his wings getting ready for the attack. "Enough of your talk get ready for your end."

before he could attack us again a loud voice could be heard. "Wait!" The voice scream. A huge absol jump from the air and landed between us. "Hello my name is lycaon and they are telling the truth."

"Wait how could you know?" Articuno spoke  with his head turn to the side.

"We absol's can detected the change in the weather." He said looing at articuno. "If you don't allow them to past. You could  damage the world. if you allow them to past the future can be secure."

Articuno look unsure for a moment then he nod his head. "Very well they may past. undre one condition." He look at me and Char. "You two fix this mess and get the world back in order."

"Yes we will." Char said with a nod of his head.

"Yes." I said with a nod of my head.

"Very well." Articuno spoke and began to flap his wings. "Good bye and goodluck." Soon Articuno was gone with one flap of his wings.

The only one left was us three. The absol look at me and Char. "Are you two are alright?" lycaon said stepping forward. I brought my ears up and tail down.

"Yes were fine, but why did you help us?" I ask him with a turn of my head. "I mean - Wait a minute!" I then thought about how we got away from Theluji. "Are you the one who saved us from the hunting party?"

lycaon nod his head softly. "Yes i'm." lycaon spoke calmly. "I don't know how to explain it but, I think you Wayna are the solution to all our problems."

"How could you know that?" I ask him stepping forward. "I mean how is that possible."

"Yeah how do we know your not try to trick us." Char ask him with his arms cross. "For all we know you can b working for one of the kings! or that Tynan! You are a pure dark type."

"Like i said before i don't know how you both are the solution. I just know your not the problem." lycaon said to us both. "Maybe you two are the solution. You are right Char I'm a pure dark type. I will not hide it. but dark does not mean evil."

"Yeah right your people are the reason why were in this mess." Char growl stepping forward. "You dam dark types! So many lives were lost because of your kind!"

"I will not hide my people bloody past but the other types are not as innocent as you think if other types are such good and dark is such evil," He step forward till he was in Char face. Char took a step back in fear."then why are you little Charmander is out of your kingdom." lycaon eyes glow a dark blue. "Is it because the fire types are not as good as you clam."

"Grr..." Char went in anger. "Fine then you help us. now leave."

"Wait!" I spoke up. lycaon and Char look at me. "Look if you don't mind we could use the help. May you help us? Come with us on our journey."

Char look at me with wide eyes. "Wayna no!" Char went in a growl. he then look back at lycaon. "Ok I'll admit it the other types are not all that there crack up to be, but still i don't trust you absol."

"Nor do you have to but it's up to Wayna." lycaon spoke and look at me. "She is the on who i think will be the solution's to the problems we are having."

"Then come along." I spoke look at lycaon and walk off.

Char ran to my side. "Wayna no think about it!" Char said looking at me.

"I did!" I growl at him with my tail up. "Get over the fact he is a dark type Char. were going to need all the help we can get in the future. So let's go!" I then walk of. Char follow behind me quietly and so did lycaon.

we walk for a long time not a single one of us said anything to each other. Char and lycaon stay out of each other way. So there was a snow blizzard. The snow mountain seem to go on forever. We've walk a long way here. I look at Char and he looks exhausted, too... We've been running  all this time out of desperation.... What's in store for us ahead? Are we really doing the right thing?

"Man!...." Char went in with a shake. "This is too cold! There's nothing but snow now. the scenery's been the same for a while... I wounder if were really making progress... hey, Wayna? I was thinking... I think we've come to a place that empty except for us... I have this feeling there's nothing ahead of here, even if we keep moving..... I'm getting exhausted... Whats going to happen to us?"

I wanted to agree with Char but i knew i could not. I knew i had to push on i could not always depend on Char to keep a happy mood to push us on. We needed to carry each other. I look forward and push on. "Don't worry. We'll be fine!" I said to him and kept walking forward. "right lycaon?"

"Yes i'm use to snowy fields and storms. we can make it." lycaon spoke and walking forward. "We can make it just push on. no mater what."

We then stop and Char turn to me. "Sure, That's right. There isn't any point in wondering about what might happen. Not after coming this far. sorry Wayna." He spoke to me with a smile. He then turn to lycaon and gave him a nod. "I was just feeling sorry for my self. I have faith in you, That hat brought me here. That not changing. I still have faith in you, Wayna..." he then hug me and i hug him. "I will keep going where ever you go."

As he hug me i smile. Yes Char trust me without any doubt. I can't afford to be indecisive. I have to believe in myself more. I then began to shake and black out a bit. I then look down weakly. Wh-what? What was that? Dizzy? Or what?

Char let go of me and look strange at me. "Huh? Is something wrong? Wayna?"

I began to shake once more and lycaon walk over to support me from falling.  Then i heard a voice. "Finally you have arrive." someone is talking to me.... that voice. who could it be? This voice i think i had heard it somewhere before... I turn to my side and saw who it was. "Finally you have arrived... I've been waiting for you." I know who it was. it was Gardevoir! "I am so glad. Finally, we get to meet."

"Your's here?" I spoke to her.

Char and  lycaon look around unable to see who i was talking to. "Wayna, is something the matter?" Char ask me with confusion with a turn of his head. "Why are you talking to your self?"

I took me by surprise but they could not see her. "I can not be seen by others. Only you can see me. a little further ahead. there is a jagged mountain range topped by mt. Freeze. Inside it's peak... Nine tails live." I could not believe what i heard. Ninetails! "Ninetails awaits your arrival. Beware..." She then blink in and out. then she was gone.

"No wait!" I scream out to her begging her to stay." i look sadly with my ears back and tail between my legs.

 Char and lycaon continued to look around fearful. "Whats's the matter? What happened...?"

Later on i explain to Char and lycaon. they were both surprise and more hopeful. "So Gardevoir appeared to you... That why you were looking so stunned earlier." I did not think Char would believe me but he did. in fact he looked more happy. "I'm amazed, Though... Ninetails isn't just a legend. It's real.... That ninetail is up at the peak." Char then look as if he was about to cry. "Sniffle... Wayna. All the efforts we put into getting here... It's finally going to be worth something! We will meet Ninetails and get the truth!" he then look happy again and hug me. "We'll finally get rid of the  suspicions others have about you, Wayna. Awesome."

"heheh finally this farce can be over with ."lycaon said looking at the cave entrance. He then look to see how sad i was and nod his head. "I will wait by the cave entrance."

"Char look at my sad face for a moment. Still the confident Charmander i knew he was to be. "Wayna listen to me. Don't be so worried. It will be all right. it's natural that you would be scared of meetinng ninetails. the heartless human who abandoned Gardevoir.. It may be you, but you have change. I could understand how you could think that it's your fault. But that's impossible you're not  that human---I'm sure?

I just could not see how char could believe in me so much. "How can you believe in me so much? Hu? I mean what if i let you down."

"Hmm...? Well, There was a time when i had some doubts.." He then look some what concern. "I wounder why? I really don't know why. But it's all right. Wayna, You're a really good sort. You know, Before... When i first got the idea to start a rescue team... I met you in tiny woods wayna. Now that i think about it, There was something different about you. I should have know from your fur." he then look very happy and hug me. "It is strange, Isn't it? But, Wayna i believe in you! Still we will only know till we reach the top. Lets's go."

Now there was no going back we had a goal. to meet the pokemon who could save me or dam me to death. some part of me wanted to run but i knew that i had no where else to ge. it was time to move.


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