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Wayna look at Blade. He was still firmly planted in side of her. What was worse was he was getting harder inside her. Wayna wanted answer s though. "Blade please tell me why did you did this me." Wayna said as she began to cry tears.
Blade look at her with eyes of pity. "Do you know how long I have been at professor lab waiting for a trainer to take me? It will always be the same. Trainers would be interested in taking me. Then they would find out I’m a half breed. The trainers would shun me and chose another starter Pokemon. I couldn't be with the other Pokemon and they would try to kill me. So when you chose me i was certain that you would do away with me. I hope that you would accept me. It was heart breaking when all this time you didn't know i was a half breed. Then when you found out and accept me anyway. It filled me with such joy!" Wayna look at Blade with wide teary eyes. "Please i know you may not love me but let me love you as i most possibly can. Let me fuck you into this god given earth."
Wayna look at him with soft no longer sad eyes.  "OK..."she said in a whisper.  
Blade looks at her with surprised eyes. "Really?  You really mean it...."  He ask with his ears up with wide eyes.
"Why....why...not..." Wayna said with a burning red face. "I mean were stuck together.  There only one way we can get unstuck." She look the other way with a blush red face.
Blade couldn't believe his ears. His trainer was going to let him fuck her. His tail wag and he grab her. Using his physic powers he bondage her hands together.  He binds her over making his cock twist in side of her. This earn him a moan of pain from her. "Shhhiiiiiii. It OK trainer. I know it hurt. It will be alright. "
"Wha....what are you doing?" Wayna ask Blade.  Blade said nothing but make sure her ass is in the air. He pull her out more. He then pound her pussy in more in and out. Her pussy just hug him even tighter.  His cock slams hard into her as he picks up speed. Wayna was moaning in pleasure taking every bit of him inside her. She couldn't focus on anything else but the pleasure she was receiving.  Blade did a few more short thrust and then explode again inside her pussy.
"Aaaaahhh!!!!!!!"Wayna scream in pain and pleasure as his cum fill her up. His not kept it all inside of her not letting a single drop spill. The whole thing was just so erotica to her. Blade collapse on her completely tired and fast asleep. Wayna soon follows him.  Wayna had a small smile on her face and so did Blade.
The next morning Wayna awoken first. She look down to see Blade sleeping soundly on her chess he had a smile on his face. Wayna a small smile came on her face. She move to sit up to find Blade was still planted firmly deep inside her.  Blade awoken slowly to see Wayna sitting up. Wayna look down at Blade. "Blade do you mind pulling out of me slowly buddy." Wayna spoke to him. "We need to talk."
Blade slowly pull out of her. Wayna sat up completely naked in front of Blade and Blade blush again. "We need to talk before the others wake up ok." Wayna spoke. "I don't know how i feel about what happen last night."
"Wayna please I’m sorry." Blade spoke. The fact she understood her Pokemon still freak her out a bit. She push it a side but paid attention to what her Pokemon had to say. "I just couldn't help myself any more. Everything about you is so much for me. You love and care for me no matter what i was. I know you must hate now but please forgive me! "
Wayna was silent as she look at Blade and she calm herself down. "I care a lot about you Blade. I can’t bear the thought of losing you. It will take time to get over on what you done. Still we will work thru this. For now you won’t be in the lead. Raze will be leading for a while."
Blade nod his head looking away. Wayna then grab his face in a deep kiss. Blade lets OK at her with wide eyes. "Blade can you go back to camp and get my clothes."
“Of course Wayna.” Blade spoke walking away back to the camp. It was early in the morning. Some of their team mates were early risers. He knew Wind would be up trying to catch his morning meal. Maybe he would catch a young bidoof. Also Char would be up next. He would search for his meal at well. Char was might be trying to hunt down smaller Pokemon like Pachirisu or a Mothim.
So he ran back to camp site and he was right. Wind was gone. He hope he didn’t spot Wayna. At least till she got her clothes on. Lucky for him Char and Raze was still sleep. He went over to Wayna bag with haste. He took out some jean shorts and a shirt. He also took out some red underwear and bra for her to put on.  
He ran back to her and hand her the clothes. “Here put this on.” Blade spoke as he blushes at her. To his mind she was so cute.  As he watch her dress herself. He could see his semen leak between her legs.  He struggle to control himself. Once she was dress they walk back to camp. Back at camp Wind was in a tree eating a Remoraid in the tree. Char had mange to catch himself a MagiKarp.
Raze sat by himself in Wayna sleeping bag. “Raze.” Wayna called out to him. Raze look at her and Ran to her.
“Wayna I went to sleep and you weren’t here!” Raze said running up to her jumping into her arms. “I miss you so much!”
“Ow! Hey!” Wayna grunt in pain. “Be careful ok. I’m kind of sore ok.”
"Where were you Wayna?  I woke up and you weren't here!"  Raze spoke with his ears down as he nuzzle himself in her chess.

"Raze its ok. I and Blade were just doing some training last night. Ok?"  Wayna spoke as she rub his head softly. "Were doing fine sweet. When I find a thunder stone and you get older, you can evolve ok?"

"For a moment I thought you understand what I was said." Raze said as he rub his cheeks against her.

"Raze I do understand what you said." Wayna corrected him. Everyone look up at me when i said that. Raze lifted his head with awe.

"How is that possible?"  Raze spoke with disbelief.

"You mean you can understand us now?" Char said with wide eyes. "Can you hear me?" Wayna nods her head at him.

"How is that possible?" Wind said dropping his meal and flap down to the grass in front of Wayna. "I mean you couldn't understand us yesterday."

Wayna smile as she hold Raze in the air in front of her. "Last night Raze and I did some training. Blade use his physic powers on me and now i can speak to Pokemon." All the other Pokemon look at Blade and he kept a cool plain face.

"What everyone knows Braixen are a physics Pokemon?" Blade said as he turns his head. "Besides it can only work if Wayna had a strong bond with us anyway."

Wind glare at Blade and flew on my shoulder.  Wayna pulls Raze back into her chess. "So why are you hurt?" Wind spoke and Blade kept his glare on Wind. "I mean how intense was training?"

"We spar with one another. That's all everyone." Wayna said and put Raze down. "Now everyone finish your meal. Come on Raze let me get your breakfast." Wind flew of Wayna's shoulder and back into the tree to eat the rest of his prey.

Blade move his gaze from Wind and went off to find his breakfast.  He ran off into the woods. Wayna had berries for Raze. She made him a nice Barry mix. "So Raze how is your meal?" Wayna ask him. Out of all Wayna Pokemon. Wayna only provide food for Raze.  He was younger then all her Pokemon. Also he was low on the food chain of the Pokemon world. Something could happen.

Raze smiled as he lift his head up from his bowl. "It’s wonderful!" Raze spoke and went back to eating. Wayna went ahead and began packing everything away. She ate a few fruits and waited for everyone else to finish their own meal.  Blade return an hour later with blood on his jaw as he then yawn. He look full as he lay on a tree to rest.

Now everyone was done eating and Wayna was satisfied with everyone.  She look down at Raze and bind down to him. "Raze today I want you to take the lead."

"Um ok." Raze spoke with a smile. "You sure it will be ok?"

"Of course it will be." Wayna said to him as she brought out her poke balls.  She return Char, Blade and Wind. Wayna nod her head and then look at Blade poke ball for a moment.  She put them on her belt and turn to Raze. "Ok Raze let’s move out now."

They battle wild Pokemon after wild Pokémon. She work hard Raze was great.  He even learn two more moves. Thunder wave and elector ball. Finally the two made it to the next town. Camphrier Town was so now nice for Wayna and Raze to explore.  That was until we were challenge by Pokémon Breeder Mercy. Her Pokemon was in the Pokémon center so she only had two Pokemon with her.

She had a Litleo and Ducklett. "I saw you at the Pokémon daycare battling that artists. I wanted to challenge you to a battle then. But I couldn't.  You see you were gone so fast that i couldn't find you. So on the way to this town my Pokemon got somewhat injured. So can we have a two Pokemon battle?"

"Sure my Charmander is very close to evolve anyway." Wayna spoke with a smile. "First I will kick things off with Raze."

Raze jump forward with his cheeks electricity sparking. "Ready when you are Wayna!" Raze spoke to with a smile.

"So you’re starting things off with Pikachu. In that case Litleo get out there and show them how it's done!”  The girl spoke. "You can take the first move!"

"Alright Raze use thunder wave!" Wayna yell to Raze. Raze jump forward in the air sending out a blast of thunder

The attack hit the little lion Pokemon directly.   The Litleo grunted in discomfort as it struggle to move. “Hang in there Litleo!" The girl yells to him. "Litleo use ember!"

Litleo growls and blast out a strong ember. It hit Raze directly as he flew back and he lands on his feet doing a back flip. "Raze hang in there! Raze use electro ball!" Wayna commands Raze. He runs forward doing a flip as he dodges the Litleo embers. Once he was close enough he made a big electric ball of energy.  Raze gave Litleo a direct hit, knocking the little cub out at once.
"Raze you were great!" Wayna said with a smile garbing Raze off the ground hugging him. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thank you Wayna!" Raze smile as he nuzzles her.

"Alright then on my shoulder you." Wayna spoke with a smile and turns her attention back to the girl.

"Wow your Pikachu sure is strong!" The girl spoke returning Litleo to his poke ball. "I'm impressed he so young. Still I can tell you take good care of him. I doubt your next Pokemon will be able to handle my Ducklett." She brought out another poke ball letting out a Ducklett.

"Like i said before. My Charmander is very close to evolve.  Your Ducklett will be great practice for him." Wayna smiles taking out her poke ball. "Now Char let’s make it burn."

Char shake his head as he look around and saw the growling Ducklett. "A filthy half breed!" The Ducklett snarl with annoyance. "I swear I will end you and your kind."

Char growl and tackle the Ducklett to the ground. “Shut your beak you feather prey Pokemon!” Char snarls out. He then lets out a purple flame aiming it at Ducklett.  

“Oh cool your Charmander knows a new move.” The girl spoke with a smile. “I never seen such a Charmander do that before. I guess that the advantage a half breed Pokemon has.”

To anyone else a battle was going on. Wayna knew better though. She knew Char was angry at that Pokemon. Now that she understood Pokemon she began to growl. “Char!” Wayna call out to Char. “I know how you’re feeling so the next move I want you to use is Dragon Rage!”

Charmander nodded his head and blast a purple fire bomb at the Ducklett. He hit it directly sending the horrible duck Pokemon flying hitting a tree. The Ducklett was knock out and Wayna jump in the air with joy. “Fuck Yeah! Great Char! Come over here and give me a hug!”

Char turn around looking at Wayna and began to glow. “Oh my god Char is evolving! I knew it was going to happen but still! Heheheheh” Char glow and grew. He grew and grew at least two times the size of a regular Charmeleon.  He grew two red horns and sharper talons. He even grew small flightless wings and armor plating on his back.

“Char you look amazing! You’re a Charmeleon!” Wayna yells jumping into the air clapping her hands.

The Pokemon breeder smile and put her Pokemon back in her poke ball. “That was an awesome battle I never saw a half breed Charmeleon and Shelgon. You almost can’t tell he’s a half breed.”
“So he’s a half breed with Shelgon?” Wayna ask as she hug Char. Char look at her and smirk with a leer. “That so cool. I knew he was a half breed. I just didn’t know what he a half breed was with.”

“Well I’m very glad for you. My Pokemon don’t seem to like half breed Pokemon a bit.” She spoke with a smile. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok.” Wayna said and stood up and petted Chars head. “The majority of people don’t like half breeds. I had a run in with someone like that before I came to this city. It’s ok I love my Pokemon.”

“Well I’m glad you do.” The girl spoke then turn to leave. “See you later.”
Wayna then turn to Char. “Char let’s get going ok. The way to the next GYM will be long ok?” Char nod his head and walk next to Wayna. Their way thru the route.
As me and Char walk we battle trainer after trainer.  Some treated us badly because Char was a half breed. They called me and Char all types of names. Which ended in fights. On our way to the next city i stop at a trail next to a lake with a building. "Hey look char this is the first building we have seen in hours. How about we ask to stay here tonight."
"Are you sure Wayna?" Char ask me a bit unsure.
"Of course I’m sure." I said walking forward with a smile. I knock on the door and waited for someone to answer. A women answer the door with a smile. "Hello my name is Wayna and this is Char."
The women smile and nod her head. "What a lovely half breed Charmeleon." she spoke with a smile. "If it wasn't for his color I would have thought he was a half breed." I look surprise right with Charmeleon and then look worry. "Hehehehe don’t worry half breed Pokemon are always welcome here. I and my half breed Charizard and Dragonite live here." The women spoke with a smile. "Here we run a Pokemon breeding center. Please come in."
The dragon Pokemon was huge. He had the look of a Charizard but the color of a Dragonite.  Instead of three claws he had five on each hand. His arms was longer and much thicker. His tail had the blazing flame.
As I look at the dragon Pokemon in awe he wink at me.  I smile and blush a little embarrassed.   I could hear Char growling behind me. He walk in front of me and snarl at the older dragon Pokemon.  "How leave my trainer alone!" Char snarl at him. While they spoke the Pokemon breeder women walk me to the back room to show me around.
"Hug?" The Charizard went with a smile. "He calm down kid. I only have eyes for one human even though yours is very cute. I wonder have you taken her yet."
"Taken her no! That wouldn't be right!" Char spoke looking down. "I mean it's not like I don’t think she's cool and all. Still she's a human and I’m a Pokemon. She never accepted me."
"Hehehehehe so don’t you know there a lot of trainers who mate with humans."  The Charizard half breed laugh.
"Seriously?" Char spoke with surprise.
"Of course they do me and my trainer do it all the time." The Charizard leer at the direction of his trainer.  "Were one of those Master and slave couples. I’m the master she's my slave." Char went wide eyes and blush as Charizard turn his head back. "Kind of think of it I didn’t tell her to invite people into our home. I guess she will be punish."
"Growl you better leave Wayna alone." Char spoke with a blush.
"As I said before I do not want your trainer even if I think she needs a spanking." The Charizard spoke with a laugh. Char growl making his flame tail blaze more.
Before Char could attack Charizard I and the girl came back to the living room. "I would be happy to give you and Char a place to sleep tonight."  She spoke and her Charizard walk up to her and bit her ear. "Don’t worry this is normal."
"Um ok." I said. "Come on Char let’s get settled for the night.”
Char look back at the half breed Charizard and blush as he watch him grope his trainer.  The Charizard smile at him and Char growls with a huff and walk into the room.
Char close his door and watch her as she took off her shirt and pants. Char blush madly and look the other way. He watch as me put bubble into the tub and turn to him. “Alright get in Char.” I said to him.
“Um Wayna do you mind if I took a bath by myself.” Char ask me. I look at him in confusion and shrug my shoulders.
“Um ok.” I said shrugging my shoulder. “Alright let me know when you’re done. I need to take a bath to.”
“Thank you.” Char spoke.
After Char was done taking a bath he came out and Wayna had her bath. She put on a fresh pare of bra and panties. She then went to bed. “Char you can explore for a bit if you want. It is still early ok?”
“Cool!” Char spoke and walk out the door as he walk down the hall he heard moans of pleasure.  He growl and walk past the door and made his way to the back yard.
Outside in the back yard of the Pokemon breeding center Char watch all type of Pokemon play with one another.  He knew in the wild most of these pokemon would be his lunch. Rattata, Spearow, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, and Azurill. Yes in the wild they would be his next meal. As Char look around he saw a male Blaziken and female Typhlosion cuddling up with one another.   The look in his direction and smile. He was taken back and gulp.  They walk in his direction. "Hello welcome to the Pokemon breeding center." The female Typhlosion spoke. "You seem to be a bit shy."
"We can help you find something for you in your egg group." Blaziken said to him a smile. "What fancy your eye?"
Char look the other way with a blush. "I’m not here to breed. Just staying the night with my trainer. I just wanted to see the other Pokemon."
The female Typhlosion smile at Char. "There a female Charmeleon in here and other females here."  She said how about it. "She a half breed like you."
"Um no i already have an eye for another."  Char spoke with a blush. "Thanks for the offer but no thanks."
"Let me guess you’re in love with your trainer." The Blaziken said with a smile. “Tell me have you breed her yet?” Char was taken back by the question. “Come on. You won’t mate with the Pokemon here or a half breed like yourself.”
“No I haven’t breed with my trainer yet.” Char spoke looking down upset. “She’s don’t like me in that way.”
“Uh poor kid.” Said Typhlosion as she watch Char go back inside.
Later that night Char Watch me sleep while he looks out the window.

Char look at the window and sigh. It was night now and all the other Pokemon were inside with their mates. He look at his trainer and blush.  She had only shot pants on and her bra. She lay curl up in a tight ball. He knew his trainer would never accepted him. How could she?  

Half breed Pokemon were dangerous in the eyes of other Pokemon.  So they were lucky to meet such accepting people.  There were many times he was rejected by trainers who wanted nothing to do with him because he was not a pure blooded Pokemon. He sigh again and blush some more at his trainer.  He adore her more than anything.  All he wanted was to show her how much he love her.  As he look on at her plump breast his shame began to show. He blush hard and growl. "I’m so sorry Wayna. But i can't do this anymore." Char walk over to the bed and climb on it. He  then turn his trainer over to her stomach.  He crawl in front of her.  Trying to he careful not to burn her or set the bed on fire with his tail. Once he was in front of her he place his cock on her lips and push it into her mouth. Wayna was still sleep but began to suck his cock.  "Yes trainer! Keep going just like that." Wayna then grab hold of Char like he was a pillow and suck his cock more ever so softly.  Char moan throwing his head back and try not to buck his hip. The more Wayna suck the more it became harder not to fuck her mouth. He try not to moan so loudly but it was hard for him. He put his hand over his mouth as Wayna suck and occasionally nip his rock hard cock.

This continued for at least two hours.  While this was going on he did his best not to cum. With so much pleasure running thru him, he thinks about fucking his trainer hard in her ass. "That it trainer take my cock down your throat." far as Char was concern.  His trainer Wayna was a verge.  Move his cock slowly in and out his trainer mouth. "Its like she sucking a baby bottle. He mouth is so warm and wet. It's hard to concentrate. Ah! I’m going to cum soon."  Wayna moan and suck down harder as Char grunted. He grab her head and buck his hips. He wanted to pull out but just couldn't then he came in his sleeping trainer mouth.  He stop dead in his tracks as he look down on his sleeping trainer.  He watched her as she drank down his cum. He cum again from just the meer sight of it and watch her drink it all. He shudder and slowly brought his cock out of her mouth.

The next mooring Wayna had pack up everything and Char was eating some poke puffs she had in her bag.  Wayna smile at Char as she made her bed. “Don’t eat them all Char save some for the others.” Wayna spoke as she grab her bag from him. “Alright let’s go say bye and head on over to the Gym Leader in Cyllage City.”
They walk out the room and the Pokemon breeder girl was sitting in her chair as her half breed Charizard held her. “Hello Wayna and Char. I hope your night was good.” She said with a smile as her Charizard lick her neck.
“Yes it was good.” I said with a smile. “I dream I was eating cupcakes.” Char blush and Charizard just smirk knowingly.  “It was delicious frosting and everything else!” Char push me forward only blushing harder. He was pushing me towards the door as he hid his face. “Well as you can see I have to go. Owe Char your hurting me.”

“Ok.” She said and her Charizard only smerk.

“Ok char were outside now.” Wayna said to him and Char look the other way.  “What’s the matter with you?”

“I…I…I.. Love you.” He said with a deep blush and I just stand there.
These moments. by wasfight17
These moments.

If you and I begin
To knock on the entwining doors
What kind of future is waiting for us?
Yes, what adults yearn for is a perfect style
Someday, like gears turning
It will be like everything overlaps

Dear God if you exist, I want you to listen to me
I can’t send away these days and moments we can’t repeat
So just for a little while longer I want to be a child, who are the boys&girls
Hiding behind in this world and dreaming, and that’s my story

This day disappears within dusk
But what does it leave behind?
Your footsteps are getting closer and closer
If I could hold these many days close
The night sky doesn’t seem so bad
With the shining stars against the background

Dear God listen to my Happy song, an eternal version recording
Take 1,2,,, For you ! Singing with a loud voice
If it could only be a little bit longer right now
My faint thoughts when you were entranced by my hair
The passing days are my musical scale that tap to the lala melody

In this world, Black or White
One by one, I’ll give you the meaning of “paint my life”
‘3D’ grey is so full of ambiguity
Because adults are always byword

Dear God if you exist, I want you to listen to me,
I can’t send away these days and moments we can’t repeat
So just for a little while longer I want to be a child, for Peter Pan’s sake
If I haven’t woken up in the morning yet, illuminate this world, All right?



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  I saw the trailer to the show and i have been watching it ever sense. Now my relationship between the two. How i meet them and how we are with each other.

How i meet them both: I was walking to school one morning and decide to take a short cut home. I saw Hannibal kill a man in the forest. I didn't know who he was at the time. I watch him pierce a man on deer antlers. He didn't see me so i ran. After that my family got into some trouble- well my father got into some trouble and home was no longer safe. so I ran. In the forest i lived off the land and keep traveling. Till i saw a man letting his dogs out in a home in the woods. He was quite and nice. something was just so nice about him and it brought me some kind of peace. This man was Will. I could tell he was lonely and also misunderstood.

 I was latter track down by the FBI. the judge force me to have therapy by Doctor Lecter. Knowing what Hannibal did i didn't trust my self. So thru the whole therapy i did not speak one word. In Fact i did not speak to him in any of the seasons. Hoping to get me to speak Hannibal had Will to reach out to me. Will actually wanted to. Feeling shy was spent time at his home. I spoke to Will and only Will. Seeing how he think of Hannibal I could not warn him. He would not believe me. No one would. telling him would only tip off Hannibal. Hannibal would kill me to protect him self. So i could only be there for Will and be his friend. I have no home so i live with Will.

Hannibal Relationship with me: Hannibal watch me very closely. He is suspects of my knowledge. So he use Will to get me to open up. Because he didn't get any value to him and has no answers to his questions he continues  being my doctor. As the two of us has sessions i begin to come out of fear and respect him. Till one day Hannibal is push off a ledge and i'm able to kill him. As i look into his eyes i just couldn't so i save him. Hannibal don't know why but he is happy about this because it shows i care about him. Something i wont admit. So he returns a favor more then once my life was put in danger and he protect me.  He is like a father figure to me.  A very strict Father figure to me. When i meet Abigail Hobbs i didn't trust her. i just had a feeling. I didn't hate her. but as time went on and i spent time with her i began to like her with caution. that is until i found out she killed an some one and help her father. I didn't want her to hang for her father deeds. I know she fear her father. So i felt pity for her and I accept her. Unfortunately he did feed me his "meat". that was before i knew he ate people. Hannibal over time see's me as a daughter. something for him to keep like a collar pet.  for a long time i didn't  know what to do feel about Hannibal. The thing about Hannibal is no matter how much you hate him. you still love him. I wont say it till the very end.

Will Graham Relationship with me:  I was very shy around him.But as we live together i told him how i saw him in the wood and what i thought of him back then. We spent time together and he took me fishing. I would sneak onto the crime scene and see what was done.  Will would always call me out and so would Hannibal. When ask why i was there my answer would always be "Curious." Will would just let it go and Hannibal would give me a stare. As i watch Will lose his mind. I feel the guilt of not being able to warn him. So i do my best to protect him. Also Hannibal Know that i Know. So instead of killing me. He begins to make sure i would lose my own mind. Hannibal Was injecting me with serum. The serum mess up my sight and made me mute. Night time is day for me and Day is Night. Now unable to speak and a mental track record. I no longer pose a threat to him. No court will listen to me. Will see me lose it but cant see Hannibal. I cant tell him. In that Time Will act as a older brother and protect me the best he can. He make sure I'm on time for anything and takes me everywhere. His dogs look out for me.  Will helps with everything no matter what it is.  I have will back and he has my mind. He's my "older brother." Will invite me to live in home but still took longer for him to adjust to have someone live in his home. once we got use to each other we spend time with one another. We talk about dog and i help him take care of them. So i look up to him and i love him.

Hannibal: Wendigo
Will: Dog / Young Wendigo
Me: Dog/Lion/Wolf pup/cub/ Baby Wendigo 


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i a a young artist trying to become a grate artist. i perfer to draw anime then anything ealse. and would love to draw comic books about my favorit disney movies.

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