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Ware lions

1. Society: It is frown upon to mate outside of your Warebeast clan. WareLions Mary WareLions. It is look down upon if a WareLions Mary a WareWolves. And breeding with a human is just unheard of. You can be killed and have other kill you to. They strongly believe in keeping the race pure. Any offspring is to be killed. No exceptions.

1. Characteristics: they are an ambitious, power seekers and have a hand for business. They can also be loving, protective, possessive and not quitters.  They are very proud. They want the best and will get it by any mean necessary.

2. Branch structures of powerful WareLions family.

2. Pride leader: always male. Unless there are no males. The pride leader decide how the money is spent, what territory will be taken over, who will marry who in royal family and who should be punish or killed.

3. Pride leader Advisor: Must always be male. They help the pride leader make decisions. If something don’t go right for the pride leader he can bloody well be killed on the spot. These guys are almost always cold.

4. Pride leader messenger: can be male or female. These guys have very dangerous jobs. They send messages to other Warebeast clans. This is dangerous because other clans can be very hostile. A lot of WareLions lives have been lost this way.

5. Officer Cadet:  Is a WareLions training to be a soldier.

6. Soldiers: Are the first sent into a fight. They take no prisoner and are violent. They do their orders to the T. Many soldier are put thru hell in order to make a more dangerous warrior.

7. Second Lieutenant: They train up for about two years as a Soldier. This is only giving to the strong, fast and smartest.  They are responsible for leading up to 30 soldiers. They make sure there 30 Soldiers are neat, strong and on point. Anything less can end in there death. WareLions strive for perfection anything less is worthless.

8. Lieutenant: they train up to three years as a Lieutenant for this job. They have survive there Lieutenant and others above them. To climb the ladder and get this job. No better. They still lead up to 30 soldiers. But now they are in on missions and can have a way to move up. Captains are very hard on them not wanting to be replace, a captain might kill a disrespectful upstart.  So they watch there step and always polite to those above them.

9. Captain: They can only get this position after 16 years surviving as a lieutenant. Or there captain die. They help the major plan the attack and provide the man power to do it. They are cruel and will torture prisoners. They watch over Lieutenants and soldiers. They are responsible for tactical responsible for operations on the ground as well as equipment maintenance, Logistic support and Warepower. There only threat is the Major.

10. Major: They can only get this job if they survive 30 years as a Captain and won three territories.  They can call off an attack and on the field there word is law. They can kill anyone who failed them. They win there Prideleader territory’s and money. They are the most feared thing for any Warebeast.

• WareLions royal social Rank

1. King and Queen: In every WareLions home weather they are rich or poor, there is a king and queen. They run the house hold and in order to get marry they have to ask the Prideleader. The lower levels Warebeast have to ask them to marry. They control the money and can have anyone they deem offensive or dangerous arrested.

2. Duke:  They are lower than the king and queen and lower then there children. They have lots of money and love to lord it around those lower than them. They gather money for the king and queen.  They are cruel when collecting money and malicious.

3. Marquess/Marquis:  They are less rich then the duke.  Instead they work hand in hand with the duke. They tell them who late on payment and breaking rules. They have no care for the suffering of others. They find any wrong doing and they blast it out of proportion.

4. Commoners:  WareLions that were not rich were commoners. These WareLions would spend their lives trying to get into the upper class. Some do some don’t. Some just don’t care and live their lives happily as they can.

1. Time:  It is the 20st century. Man live their daily lives as usual. Completely ignorant of the world around them. Territory is being fight over. Blood is being spilled.  This is the world of the Warebeast.

2. History: Warebeast on the outside look like any other human. But on the inside they have the ability to turn into Lions, Wolves, tigers and Bears.  Theses’ four fractions don’t get along with each other and fight for land and territory. Territory as in populated human cities and states. They can eat other things such as fruits and animals. But they all have a blood lust. Much rather human humans for a meal.

3. Society Laws: There are strong rules that all Warebeast must follow or face you and your family getting completely killed.  Hunting humans are allowed. Just as long as you can get away with it. Every Warebeast can turn any human they may. But once you turn them they must become a part of your family or killed. No lone Warebeast is allowed. Any and All rouge Warebeast must be killed. No exceptions.

4. Fractions:
• WareLions: They rules the other Warebeast with an iron fist. Sure they may be at war with one another. But WareLions are the enforcers of the Society law. For any Ware clan they are scary to face. They are cruel and sadistic power hungry. They have more numbers and power.

• WareWolves:  Are the second well populated Warebeast.  If WareLions rule then WareWolves are the nobles of this world. They have almost enough territory as the WareLions.  They follow the Ware laws by the book. They care about the humans around them and the place’s they live. They can be very kind but will chase anyone to the end of the earth they deem there’s.

• WareBears:  Are not so much as found. Four WareBears can take on a clan of six WareWolves. They may be very strong but not as power hungry a WareLions. They are more hot headed and territorial. They barely fallow Warebeast law. Which is why they are always in fights with the other Warebeast. They will hunt humans and kill for fun. But anyone they deem friend they will protect with their lives.

• WareTigers:  Are barely seen, not because there are so less. But because they are very secretive.  They don’t socialize with other Warebeast. They are territorial. But they chose to live in place’s other do not. They stay to themselves and hunt animals on the land. If a WareTigers is in a city they will hunt human or eat human cooking.
The next day I manage to sneak away from my duty and catch a rabbit. I went to the den where the fox and her kits were. I gave her the rabbit so she have enough milk.  I wanted to spend some time with the pup but i had work to do.

So i went out today about my daily slave work. I knew i was a slave here but i needed a way out. Fist i needed to get pregnant. I went to go find bonecrusher as i walk i was cut off by a dire wolf. He was big, grey with weird markings. His red eyes stare into my brown ones.  "What are you doing slave? Answer me?" The male spoke with his ears up. The male was bigger than me and i knew no dam way i was going to be able to take me. "Answer me!"

"I was going to see bonecrusher about today hunt." I spoke with my ears back. "I already did my work today...." He was not buying it. I tuck my tail between my legs. Oh well going to have to try again. "I'll just go reclean the den's." I try to walk away, but he walks in front of me. "I'm sorry."

"I think Megatron is too easy on a half breed like you." the male spoke. I stood over me and my ears were back. "Much too easy on you."

"" I ask him.

"Brawl! Now run! I need a new playmate anyway." My ears went back and i ran. As i ran Bonecrusher watch from a distance. There was nothing he can do. Brawl outrank him and was bigger than him. Brawl chase me all day. i could do nothing. I try to lose him but he was not getting tired at all. i turn a corner because brawl was just getting closer. He bite down on my thigh and I fall with a thud.

His bite was no small nip at all. It was painful. When i look up Brawl stood over me with cold eyes. He only smirk. Megatron came out of the bush with Shockwave. "Brawl! please leave my slave alone." Megatron spoke casually. "Besides i need her to fetch something out of the river."

"Brawl come on." Shockwave spoke to him in command voice. No one seem to care that my back leg was bleeding. Brawl step over me without a care.

Without looking back he bind down and smile at me. "Until next time half breed." he then walk off with shockwave.

I then stood up as Megatron look at me without a care. "Let’s go halfbreed." megatron spoke as he walk off.  My tail was between my legs as i follow him with a limp. He led me to the river. "Do you see that Wayna?" Megatron spoke. I look to see what it was. A stick.

"Um a stick." I said in confusion.

"Not a stick you moron!" Megatron growl at me as i kept my head low. "It's a type of herb. It might be useful to me in future. Now go get it!"

i then entre the lake and climb in the water. I swam to the herb and dive under. i up rooted the root and carry the giant herb to Megatron. "Well it's bigger then i thought it would be. Bring it." I follow megatron carrying the big root and follow behind him. I swear my back leg was in pain. I gave the root to hook. "Let's go Wayna you have a long day of work tomorrow." I follow behind megatron with my ear back.

it was quiet as we walk. That was until i saw some gapes. "Megatron look." I said and made my way over to the grapes. I ate a few happily. Megatron roll his eyes with a disgust.

"You dam half breed. We wolves don’t eat those dam things." Megatron snarl at me. But i was too happy and drunk with the fruit.  "I should have known you dam dogs can eat anything." as Megatron growl I turn with a drunk face and lick his cheek. "Why you-"

I laugh as i cut him off. “Can’t catch me!" I said as i ran off between some bushes. The pain in my leg felt numb due to my drunken state. megatron gave chase with a growl.  He tackle me and we both toll downhill. He look up at me as i did a down word dog pose. "Do ya want to play? Do ya? I want to play? Come on not even you get lonely."

He look at me with a growl and he look at my back leg and saw how bloody it was. "Dam it you stupid half breed." Megatron spoke with a growl as he went to sniff my leg. "Your leg is injured. Brawl you hurt her too much."

"My leg feel fine." I said in my drunken state. "Let play." I said as i try to jump but i fall down in pain. "Owe i want to play."

"Aw stupid runt you ate those grapes. From now on you eat only with i and my pack tell you!" Megatron command me. "I will not have any weird pack members."

I nod my head. "Yes sir. Hey...." I said and hug megatron. Megatron push me off him. I look sad for a moment. i then got back up and hug him again and this time lick his cheek.

"Growl let's just get you home before I kill you myself." Megatron bite the scruff of my neck. He then drag me home.

Once inside the den Megatron lay down and i lay on top of him. Megatron growl with a huff. "Hey let's play den ." I said happily with a wag of my tail. "I can be the mommy and you the daddy." I then look sad. "But we don’t have a pup."

Megatron lift his head. "As it should be! Half breed." Megatron growl "Yet my brother want to show you dam creature’s respect and love. What stupidity."

I look at him with wide eyes and smile. "You have a brother. Oh i know if you don’t want to be the daddy, then he can be the daddy and you can be out pup.  We'll be just like a real pack. "megatron growl he can feel his anger rise. "I and he can even be mates. heheh it be so much fun."

Megatron roar with anger and pin me. "Optimus will never be leader of my pack!" Megatron growl with a snarl. "You belong to me and this pack slave! No one outside of this pack is allowed to touch you!"

I look up at him and lick his face. "Ok you can be daddy." I said with a smile. Megatron roll his eyes. "Come on admit it you want someone to hold at night don’t you?" I smile at him in a drunken state. "We can have fun megs."

Megatron growl at the nickname. "Oh what the hell!" he then began to play house as he bite the scruff of my neck.


The next morning i awoken from the den sleepy with a yawn.  Megatron had his paw over me. He was still sleeping nicely he was not smiling but he seem at peace.

I then got up and felt my lower body was in pain. "Why do everything hurt? It hit me. Last night. Oh no! I knew i was trying to have pups but i did not want it this way. I lost control. I then got up and left.

I felt hostile but still I had what i needed. I was soon going to be with pup. The fox could have back her life and my pup would have someone to look after him. So I went about my day like any other day.

Before i did anything, i went hunting. i killed a duck and brought it to the fox. i thank her for not leaving. She said the place is riddle with wolves. She could not leave if she wanted to. She got her meal and told me to get out. I left without a word.

That afternoon i clean the dens and i did my best to stay out of everyone way. Including Megatron and Brawl. Unfortunately there was still some who had it out for me.

As i walk Starscream walk in front of me. "Hello half breed. Do you remember me?" I could have said something back to him but i did not want to start a fight. Too bad starscream wanted one. "Last we saw each other you told a lie."

"I have no idea what you talk about starscream." I spoke with my ears back. "Maybe you should not act so crazy. Then you can remember things."

"Growl!" Starscream went and try to attack me. My back leg was still in pain from brawl. But I could not be bother with Starscream and his pettiness. So I turn with the pain in my leg and fight with starscream.

We fight for a few minutes and the pain in my back leg was too much. So i fall hard on the ground. Starscream stood over me and biting my neck tuff.  "Now do you understand that you should not mouth off to your betters?" Starscream said with a smile as he stood over me.

"Starscream enough!" starscream and I look up to see Brawl looking at us. "Leave the slave alone. I know you have to go on patrol, not play with mutt."

"Um yes brawl." Starscream spoke without a fight. Fearful of the older male. He made himself go far away from brawl as possible. I look up at brawl and he look down at me.

His eyes were still cold. He grab me by the neck tuff painfully. He walks me over to his den. This whole time i was waiting for him to try and hurt me. Instead. He began to lick my wound. I thought he was being nice at first but he was doing it very hard. He bite my leg and now he was cleaning my wounds. It was confusing. I try to get up to leave but he would not have it. No not one bit.

He held me down and continued to lick my wounds no matter how much it hurt. And it did hurt. The pain was becoming too much. I whimper in pain and moan. “Brawl let me go!” I moan in pain. “It hurt too much.”

“I don’t care.” Brawl spoke and kept licking my leg. He stop licking my leg and move to my neck tuff again. “After all I’m taking care of you.”

“Taking care of me!” I snap at him trying to get away. “You’re hurting me!”

“You know someone should teach you some manners.” He spoke with his ears up. Then his calm nature turn into a violent rage. Brawl show no mercy in his assault. Once it was over I was a bloody mess and I fall with a thud. I lay there in a tight ball of pain. I cover myself with my paws. Brawl lay down with a smirk and lick my fur again. “Yes I will take very good care of you. My new playmate.”

“Whine…” I went in pain.

An hour later Brawl has not only aggravates my wounds but also made them worse. I was a sobbing mess. Every lick made the pain even worse. “Brawl I need you to help with the hunt.” Megatron yell from outside the den. “I can’t because I have to find my worthless slave!”

“Yes lord Megatron.” Brawl spoke. Brawl then turn to me and bite my cheek. “You are to tell Megatron that Starscream did this to you. Understand! Or the next time we play I will break your leg!”

“Yes…” I spoke with my ears back. Once brawl was gone I just lay there. I hated it all. I wanted to cry, but I was all cry out. I hated brawl. I hated Starscream. Most of all I hated myself for being so weak. I then growl. No more! I will be weak no more!

I then stood up with my ears back. I would show them all. I would start my own pack. I would have my own territory and most of all I would be strong! No one would hurt me again.

A weak has went by and I was producing milk. I help the fox and her Kits leave safely. It was hard but I had it done. Now with pup I was nursing my new orphan pup. I was happy to have been able to save my pup, but I knew I was not out yet.

The others knew I was with pup and Megatron had made a point in killing my pups when they were born. On top of that the other were very hard on me. My wounds were healing slowly thanks to brawl obsessive licking and starscream always trying to attack me.

I had a plan in the morning there was one window out. It was the time starscream and Soundwave was on patrol. But because Megatron pack had taken over most of the forest Starscream has been a bit lack in his duty. Even takes naps. Soundwave does his patrol far from starscream. Also Brawl, Bonecrusher and Barricade would have a morning hunt. Megatron would sleep the morning away till later. My only danger was shockwave. But he always ignore me. This would be my only time.

So the next day I got up from megatron and went to work. No one was bothering me like always in the morning. I then walk to the den where my pup was. He wobble over to me with a smile on his face. “ma..Ma..Ma..Ma!” he smile happily and then try to nurse on me. I then grab him by the neck tuff and head out. “Ma.. we go?”

“Yes baby.” I spoke with my ears back. “Here goes anything.”

I ran to the border of our land quickly. I stop on a yard from it. I sniff the air and huff. “Starscream..” I went with a small growl. I tuck into some bush and hide.

Starscream then came into view with a yawn. “Yawn.” He went and then lay under a tree. “I need a nap. Brawl is working on my last nerve.” Starscream went and lay down.

I waited a few minutes till he was sleep completely. Then slowly as possible I walk past him once I was far enough I broke into a run. I ran as far as my paws could move me. I would not be stop. I could not be stop. My ears were up and so was my tail. It would not be long before Megatron and the pack got to me.
Fear by wasfight17
Wayna meet with hannibal and the pride was moving to her land. she knew she was in trouble with hannibal, even if he did not show it. she was just waiting in fear. Kamaria can see this fear. but wayna can never admit to it.

Kamaria: Are you ok mis? 

Wayna: I'm ok. really. thank you for showing hannibal here to me. I have to go now.

Kamaria: Ok. see you latter.

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