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Professor Sycamore smiles at them. “Well your Braixen is quite tall.” Professor Sycamore said as he looks Blade over. “He a strong looking one. Great fur. Why is he so tall?” Professor Sycamore spoke. “Ah I know your Braixen is a half breed.”
“A half breeds?” Wayna ask confuse. “I thought Blade was a Braixen.”
“Yes a half breeds.” Professor Sycamore said looking at Wayna. “The reason your Braixen is so big is because he a half breed. Half breeds are Pokémon who mate with different Pokémon.”
“Then what is my Blade a half of?” Wayna ask the professor.
“Your Blade is a half Arcanine.” Professor Sycamore explains to Wayna. “It’s the reason he has so much fur and his tail is longer than most Braixen.”
“Oh that kind of cool. Right Blade.” Wayna said complimenting her Braixen. Blade blush at her compliment, doing his best to not blush hard.
Professor Sycamore just looks worry. “Here the thing Wayna. Half breed’s lives are very hard.  Some tend to be more aggressive than others. Some are also very possessive of there trainer and what they think is there’s.” Wayna then look a bit worry. “These half breeds are often killed on sight by other Pokémon. Pure breeds Pokémon view them as a threat and kill them. Some people don’t even like half breeds.”
Wayna frown as Blade look away upset. “No nothing will happen to Blade. He’s my Pokémon and I love him!” Blade looks at her and blushes as Wayna grabs his paw. “Besides were teams. So we have to stick together.”
“Well I’m glad to hear that.” Professor Sycamore said with a smile. “Then you won’t mind me putting you and Blade bond to the test.” He spoke and took out a poke ball. “How about a battle?”
“No problem. Blade does you mind battling for me?”  Wayna ask him. Blade then steps forward with a proud smile. “Blade will be my first choice.”
“Alright! I knew he be your first choice. In that case I’ll send Squirtle.” Professor Sycamore said with a smile. Squirtle look up at Blade with curious eyes. He was tall for just a Braixen. “Squirtle use bubbles.”
Squirtle then jump forward sending out a ray of bubbles. Blade jump to the side dodging bubbles. “Good job Blade let’s make this quick! Use Fire Spin!” Blade pulls out the stick in his tail and twists it sending out a huge flame hitting Squirtle directly.  
Squirtle fall to the ground unable to battle at all. Wayna look at Blade and smile “Good job Blade. A one hit take down!” Wayna said cheering him on. “All that training on the way here must have paid off!”
Blade nods his head and Professor Sycamore return his defeated water type back to his poke ball. “Well that was something. To think you two are already so strong! This is not over yet.” He spoke and sent out Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur look up at Braixen a little worry. Was he in a Pokémon battle?  “It’s ok Bulbasaur. I want you to use vine whip.”
Bulbasaur nods his head and sent out vine whip at Blade.  “Blade use Flame spin!” Wayna demand and Blade brought out his stick again and deflect the Vine whip sending Bulbasaur flying back. The little Pokémon was knocking out. Blade looks back at Wayna and she smiles.
“Wow your Braixen is surely something to be look at.” Professor Sycamore said taking out a poke ball to bring back Bulbasaur. He then took out another poke ball. He then sent out Charmander. “I’m still sure Charmander can take your Braixen.” Charmander look up at Blade and he smile. Charmander is a lot older then he looks and has had sometime battling.
“Sure he can.” Wayna said sarcastically. “Alright Blade I want you to do the same thing. Use Flame spin!” Wayna spoke with a smile.
Professor Sycamore smile. “Charmander use ember!” Wayna eyes open wide.  As her Flame spin was counter against her Blade. The ember cancels each other out! “Told you this would not be too easy!”
Dam it! Wayna knew she had a problem now. She couldn’t use Flame spin again. It would just be cancel out by Charmander again. Blade would have to get up close and personal. “Blade use tackle!” Blade put his stick back in his tail. Blade ran forward and dodges another ember by Charmander. He then tackles Charmander sending him flying. “Now Blade use Flame spin!” Blade brought out his stick from his tail and hit Charmander with a Flame spin.
Charmander fell to the ground pass out. “Alright Blade!” Wayna said running forward and kiss him on the head. “I’m so proud of you!” Wayna smile hugging him and Blade Blush trying his best to keep his cool.
Professor Sycamore smile and stood up. “Well I never thought I see such fight in such a young trainer!” Professor Sycamore said and then gave Blade a berry. “Here Blade eat this. It will heal you from our battle.” Blade ate the berry. “Now perhaps we can talk a bit.”
Wayna let go of Blade and we stood straight. “So what is that all you wanted to talk to me about? Just a battle?” Wayna ask him.
“Well actually no there is something else.” Professor Sycamore spoke with a smile and then pull out a stone and a stone collar. “This is a mega evolution stone and this goes on your Pokémon. Just not you’re Braixen.” Wayna look at the stone in awe as he put the stone in Wayna hand. “I want you to have it.”
“What? Why would I need this?” Wayna ask as her and Blade look at the two stone a bit confuse. “Why can’t Blade use it?”

“Because a stone has not been discover for him yet.” Professor Sycamore explains. “A Pokémon can only Mega evolve once they reach the last stage of their evolution.  A Pokémon can only Mega evolve with those two stones and a strong bond with their trainer. Then can they Mega evolve.”
“Ok but Professor Sycamore why give me this stone if Blade won’t be able to Mega evolve with it?” I ask him with confusion.
Professor Sycamore smile. “Because I have three starter Kanto Pokémon here and would like for you to keep one.” He spoke with a smile and brought over three poke balls. “These are not the same three Pokémon you just battle. Inside the poke balls are Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. They are very young and in need of good trainers. Will you take one?”
Wayna look at the poke balls and reach for the poke ball that had Charmander in it.  She let the small Charmander out the poke ball and into her arms. Blade watches the young Charmander.
“What a cute Pokémon!” Wayna said with a smile. “Hello my name is Wayna and this is Blade.” The Charmander look at her blinking his eyes and at Blade. “I’m your new trainer. I would like to take you on our journey. Would you like to come with me?”
The Charmander smile and then Blush. Blade caught this blush and growls a bit. The Charmander smile nodding his head. “Alright then I think I will call you Char?” Wayna spoke. “How does that sound?” Wayna ask him. Char smile happily hugging Wayna. Wayna then put the mega stone collar around his neck.

“Well it seems Charmander likes you very much.” Professor Sycamore said with a smile. “Now that you have your Charmander I have another task for you. I want you to meet Mega evolution guru Gurkinn. He will give you a better understanding of Mega evolution.”
“Alright I will head there after I defeat my second Gym Leader in Cyllage City” Wayna said with a smile. “Alright now bye Professor Sycamore.” Wayna said with a smile walking off. Wayna made her way to the elevator with Blade and Char in her hand. Char was in her arms and lick her face. “Stop it Char that tickles!”
Blade looks at the Charmander with a growl. Wayna look at Blade confuse. “Blade what’s wrong?” Blade looks the other way and Wayna was just confused. Char look at him with a cork brow.
Wayna walk with Blade at her side and Char in her arms. As they walk they past a trainer with a female Braixen with the same bow around her neck that Blade saw.
The female trainer stops in front of them with a smile. “Hello my name is Lane.” The female trainer spoke with a smile. “I have a favor to ask you.” From the shadows someone had their eyes on Wayna.
“What the favor?” Wayna ask her. Her female Braixen look Blade over not knowing he was a half breed and smile. She like the fact he was taller than her. Blade looks at her with confusion and a cork brow. She made him uncomfortable.
“You see I have a female Braixen and your male Braixen is very cute. “I want to raise a baby Fennekin. I talk it over with my Braixen and she wants a baby to. So she agrees to give me an egg and she raises the other.”
Wayna listen to the girl talk and as Lane talk her Braixen and Blade were talking to one another. This Braixen may have been cute but she was a total snob. Blade might have been smug, hot temper and possessive of what was his. He was anything but a snob.
(“You know a good looking Braixen like you shouldn’t be here.”) The female Braixen spoke with her nose in the air holding Blade arm. (“Should you come spend time with me? Instead of that annoying human you have.”)
Blade looks at her with annoyed stare and tries to pry her off him. (“She’s not annoying at all.”) He said and pushes her off him. (“She is a very strong and cool trainer. Sure she can be lazy at times but every move she make is for us.”)
The female Braixen didn’t like this at all. How dare he reject her? Here she was a pureblooded Braixen and he didn’t want to mate with her. (“Listen I don’t think you know yet.”)  The female Braixen said annoyed. (“There is not another female Braixen around for miles. So you sure take a gold mine like me while you can. Instead of being with that stupid human.”)
Blade growl with his ears back and his longer tail flicker. (“Watch what you say about my human!”) He growls felling his blood boil.
(“Such a hot temper! Know that I won’t stand having that human above me!”) The Female Braixen spoke.
As Lane spoke to Wayna she sighs. “Listen Lane I don’t think I want to breed Braixen.” Wayna spoke and Lane look upset. “Also Blade should be the one to choose weather of not he wants to mate.”
“What?” Lane said annoyed. “How can you deny an awesome Braixen like her!”
“Because I can.” Wayna said looking at her. “If you don’t mind I have to go. Come on Blade!” Wayna said and walk over to grab Blade with Char in her arm. When she did the female Braixen growls and moves to attack her.
Blade move first and took out his stick and use Flame spin. Sending the female Braixen crashing to the ground. Blade stood over Wayna with flames coming out his mouth and hands as he looks down at the female Braixen. Lane ran over to her Pokémon. The female Braixen look up at Blade and then understood. He was no ordinary Braixen but a half-bred and Lane knew it to.
“What the hell! A stupid half breed!” Lane yells angry. “They let you walk around with that monster and you’re stupid for owning him!”
“You and your stupid Pokémon started it!” Wayna yelled at her with a growl. Char was in her arms in shock as he watches on. She then brought out her poke balls and put Char and Blade back in, she then walk off going to route 5.
Wayna growl to herself as she walks on route 5. How can people be so against half breeds? She sighs to herself. She didn't care if her Braixen is a half breed or not. She would always love him. After all a family had to stick together no matter what. As she walks she saw Pokémon thru the tall grass. She wanted to focus on something else.  So she took out her poke ball and out came Char. Char look up at her and saw she was a little upset. Char was a little shaken up by the whole ordeal as well. Char smile at her and walk up to her leg and nuzzles her. "Thank you Char." She said with a smile. Her Charmander was quite big in size. He was orange with red markings. She picks him up and hugs him. "Now Char do you want to train till we get to the next city?" Wayna ask him with a smile. Char look at her and wag his flame tail. "Now go ahead and attack those bug Pokémon."
On their way to the next town Char spent most of his time training in the tall grass.  Wayna was satisfied with Char progress.  But the little guy was still under progress then her other Pokémon. She wanted them all to be equally strong. She sighs and calls Char over. "Char come over for a moment. " Wayna said with a smile. Char ran over and jump in Wayna arms. "Char sweaty we have been training for hours ok. So how about we set up camp here?"
Char smile with a blush and lick her. "Ok while i set up camp how about you meet the rest of the team Char." Wayna brought out her other poke ball s and let out her other Pokémon. "You already meet Blade. So meet Raze and Wind!"
Char look at the younger Pikachu then himself. He turns his attention to the Pidgeotto.  The bird Pokémon looks way stronger than him. He was somewhat jealous. The young Pikachu then ran up to him. ("Hello it’s nice to see a new face.") Raze said shaking Char hand.
(“Um thanks.”) Char said looking at the Pikachu with a cork brow. (“So I see that you’re young.”)
(“You’re older than me.”) Raze said letting go of char hand. (“To be honest I was hoping that Wayna next Pokémon be younger then me.”)
(“Sorry to disappoint kid.”) Char said and then look at Wayna. He Blush and Wind cork a brow at him. (“So do our trainer travels alone?”)
(“Yes she does most of the time Blade is with her outside his poke ball. He’s very protective of her.”) Raze spoke to him. (“When I’m older Wayna going to evolve me. Then I can go out and explore the forest.”)
Wind look down at the Char ignoring Raze childish blabber. (“So Char.”) Wind began and flew to a branch to perch on a tree. Char stop blushing and paid attention to Wind. (“Do you want to participate in Wayna next GYM battle? I believe she wants to use everyone on her team.”)
(“Um yes I was hoping I could get some training in before we get to the next town.”) Char spoke looking at Wind. (“But now I see that’s not possible. He I guess I will do some hunting.”)
Wind watch the little Charmander run off. Raze watch with a cork brow. (“Well I’m hungry to. So I’m going to Wayna for some nice eats.”) Raze said and ran to Wayna direction.
Wind sigh. He knew that Blade and Char like Wayna more than they should have. He didn’t know what to make of it. He also knew there was nothing present he could do about it. So he took off to the air and flew. He was out to hunt maybe a Watchdog. He didn’t like to put too much stress on Wayna.
That night after everyone eaten the only Pokémon that was up was Blade.  He watches Wayna sleep in her sleeping bag again.  She slept in nothing but her black bra and panties.
He blushes and frowns. Then his cock sprang forth. Blade ears went back as he blushes red. His cock was dripping pre cum. His cock was huge and plump. He stares down at his shame and look back at Wayna. He growls to himself. He couldn’t take it anymore.
Blade walks over to Wayna and picks her up out of her sleeping back. He walks deep into the forest. He took her far from the others. When he was sure they were far enough he stop. He couldn’t resist his nature anymore. Braixen was very possessive on what there’s. It was not uncommon for young Pokémon becoming sexually frustrated.
Blade laid Wayna on a tree. (“Wayna my dear trainer. I’m so sorry. I just can’t ignore my need for you anymore.”) Blade brought his ears back and began to take off Wayna bra. He pulls it over her head and saw her plump round medium size breast. He put grab them both and kiss them. He began to suck on them while his other paw grabs the other one.
Wayna breast harden in the cool blowing wind and Blade work on the other Breast. As he suck on her breast. He then stop and look down at her. He went look down at Wayna black panties. He blushes deeply and breathes deeply. He moves to take off her panties. Once he took off her panties he just stares at her. Her breasts are medium and plump. Her waste was that of an hour glass figure. She had black hair on her lower part and blushes even more. (“That so cute.”) He lifts up her legs and saw how untouched it was. He put his mouth on it and began to suck on her pussy aggressively.
He was awarded with her pleasure moan. (“You like that trainer?”) Blade said as he then continued to suck her pussy more. Wayna moan again in pleasure trying to close her legs. He uses his psych powers to keep them open. (‘Well I’m glad you like it. I can’t wait to fill you with my seed.’) Blade sucks her pussy even harder. He stops licking his lips. Then discover something amiss. (“Shouldn’t you be Cuming now? I know you like it. So why aren’t you Cuming?”)
He then dismisses it and began to pump his cock. He stops pumping his cock and spread Wayna pussy lips. He lines himself to her pussy. He looks at Wayna sleeping peaceful face. (“I’m so sorry my dear trainer but I can’t take this anymore.”) In one hard movement he pushes down hard on her virgin pussy.
Wayna eyes snap open and she screams. “AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Wayna screams in pain and surprise. Blade panic and stop looking at his trainer. “Blade what are you doing. Get off this hurts!” Wayna scream at Blade with tears in her eyes.
Blade looks at her with sad eyes. He then growls shaking his head and continued fucking her harder. As he fucks her he let her whine and yell as much as she wanted. He knew no one would hear her. He felt guilty about what he was doing but the pleasure he received from this was too much for him to stop. "Please more...." Wayna whine. She wanted to say she didn't get any pleasure from it but she did. She felt horrible her body was betraying her. She wraps her legs around him.

Each time he thrust into her she just got tighter. He couldn't keep this up for long though. Soon he was going to not and then cum inside of her. He thrust even deeper in her. Then went on for at least thirty-five minutes.  Blade wasn't proud of himself at all. But his lust couldn't be ignoring anymore. A few more thrust and blade push himself down deep hard. He held himself there deeply in her and then he came. "Aaaahhh!!!!" Wayna moan in pleasure.  He gush himself deeply in her and began to not in her. They were stuck now both u able to move. "Ow .....Blade it bad. You’re just getting bigger. Blade... holds ... me ...please. “Wayna couldn't cope with the pain at all. So Blade held her. He knew Wayna might throw him out as her Pokémon and he was ok with it. He just hopes she forgave him.
As they held each other Wayna look down at Blade with confuse eyes. There was a long painful silence. "Blade please tells me. Why did you do this?" Blade looks the other way and back at her. He focuses for a bit his eyes turn pink. Then he looks into Wayna eyes and flashes a pink glow. When the flash fade Blade spoke.
“Wayna please understand….I….I. couldn’t help…” Blade spoke and looks the other way.
“How are you speaking to me?” Wayna said in surprise. “How is it even possible?”
“I hit you with my physic blast Wayna.” Blade spoke and Wayna moan in pain as she Blade Not became more uncomfortable.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
I was walking with Blade my new Fennekin. We were both in the forest heading to Professor Sycamore in the city. As we both walk I then had an idea. “Hey Blade! How about we do some training?” I suggest to Blade.  The little fox Pokémon turn his head in confusion. “I know we just meet and all but if we start training now you can become very strong.”

Blade nods his head and we both ran off in the forest. We took on Pokémon after Pokémon. Becoming stronger and stronger. All the Pokémon we fight and seen so far was fine but none caught my eye. Caterpie was a bug Pokémon and I didn’t care for bugs. Fletchling was just too small and weak looking. She felt she could break the small Pokémon in half.

No she was looking for a Pokémon that was different from the rest. She looks over at Blade and binds down and pets his head. After every battle so far she congratulated him. As she rub his head a Pidgey came out and Killed a Caterpie with its Talons with ease and ate it in one bite.  

I smile at blade and stood up. “Ok blade lets catch our self a Pidgey.” I said to Blade. “Blade use quick attack now!”  Blade jump and hit the Pidgey with a direct hit.  The Pidgey then try to attack but Blade doge him. at this rate we never catch him. “Blade use ember!”

“Fin!” he went jumping back and breathes in and blast out a fire ball.

A direct hit to the Pidgey and it fall to the ground. I threw my poke ball and waited to see if Pidgey stay in the ball. I waited a bit and it lock. “Hell yeah! We did it Blade!” I yells happily Blade look up and then smile a small smile. I grab him from the ground and gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the head. “Blade you did it! Can you believe it! Thank you so much Blade!”

I kiss his head again and Blade only smiles more. “Ok Blade lets head back into our old town and gets you and Pidgey all heal up ok.” She smile happily and they head back into town.

After I heal up both my Pokémon Blade walk by my side and we head into the next town. We had to fight thru the whole dam forest even take on trainers and there pokemon. Once we made it to the other side I took the view of the city in. Santalune City there first stops till they see Professor Sycamore.

“Look at it Blade! We did it! We actual made it out.” I said looking down at him. “And it’s all because of you!”

“Fin!” Blade said happily I look at him with a bit concern.

Seeing he was a bit beat up. He all by himself had at least taken on the last six trainers. “Hey blade how about a break?” I ask him Blade only look confuse. “You beaten a lot of Pokémon you know. I was hoping to get some time with Pidgey to train anyway.”

Blade look a little upset but agree and I put him back in his poke ball. I then went to my other poke ball and open it and my Pidgey came out. “Hello little guy.” I said to the little Pidgey. “Look we didn’t get a chance to talk so let’s take a moment to get to know one another.”

Pidgey look up at her with an angry look in his eyes. “Hey I know you’re mad I caught you and how about we have a little deal.” The Pidgey turn his head. “How about we both go into the tall grass over there? Ok. We battle a few wild Pokémon if you like it you stay. If you don’t then I’ll let you go. How about it?”

Pidgey nod his head and I smile. “Ok let’s go have our self a battle.”  I said and we both went off. To be honest I thought Pidgey was going to call it quits the first few battle but he didn’t. He really surprise me he even learn a new move like gust. “Alright Pidgey how was that?” I spoke to him with a smile. “Did you like that last battle?”

Pidgey flap his wings happily and jump in the air. “I’m glad you like it.” I said he then flap him into my arms giving me a hug with his wings. “Alright alright! So does this mean that you’ll be my Pokémon?” Pidgey nod his head and I smile. “So do you mind that I name you?” He look at me confuse. “There are a lot of wild Pidgey out there but only a Pidgey like you. You should be set apart.” Pidgey smile and flap his wings happily. “OK how abound Wind?” he then flew in the air happily doing his new move gust. He flew back down hugging me. “So Wind it is then.”

“Ok how about we do some more training.” I said with a smile. Then a male Pikachu came out his cheek electricity. “Hell yeah!” I said to Wind. “How about we go ahead and catch him.” Wind looks a bit unknowing but nods his head. “Alright Wind use Gust!” I scream and Wind flaps his creating a Gust of wind that send the Pikachu flying hitting the ground. “Use Gust again!” I yell at him again. Wind scent another Wave of Gust but Pikachu dodges it. “Wind use tackle.” Wind move fast with his wings and got a direct hit on Pikachu. “Hell yeah! Go Wind!”  I then threw my poke ball and Pikachu went inside.

Me and Wind watch for a few minutes as the Poke ball went back and forth and then it lock. “Oh Man!” I said happily and jump in the air. “We did it Wind! We caught Pikachu!” I grab Wind and hug him tight. Wind looks a bit surprise but accept my charm. “Alright Wind the town is not far from here. Let’s head off to the Pokémon center and heal Pikachu up. You guys look like you can use some rest to.”

Wind nods his head and flap to my arm happily. I then run off happily. We finally made it to the Pokémon center. I watch as the Nurse brought forth Wind and Pikachu. “Your Pokémon are all heal up.” She said and Wind flew to my shoulder. Pikachu look up at me with a smile of determination. “Would you like a room to stay in tonight?”

“Yes please thank you very much.” I said happily. I look down at Pikachu and smile. “Do you mind I carry you Pikachu.” I open my hands to let him in and he jump in my arms. “Well you seem friendly.”

I walk over to the couch and sat him on the table. “Now that were all taken care of we need to talk is all.” I spoke to Pikachu. “Now unlike other Pokémon you sort of wanted to battle us.” I said to him. “Is it possible you wanted a trainer to catch you?” The Pikachu nod his head with a smile. I look at Wind and he gave me a nod of approval. “Well that great. Look this is Wind he’s the second Pokémon I caught so far. Wind with Blade is going to help me win my first badge.” The Pikachu smile with excitement. “But you will have to wait till the next GYM.”

The Pikachu then look disappointed and Wind look a bit concern. “Hey look it’s nothing personal it’s just I have been training Wind and Blade longer then you and I have someone waiting for me in the next town is all.” The Pikachu still look a bit sad and I look at Wind and we both smile. “How about we give you a name.” He seems to perk up a bit and smile a little. “How about Raze? Would you like that?” I ask him and Raze jump up in my arm and nuzzle me happily. “Well Raze it is then.”

After that I put raze in his poke ball and look over to Wind. “Well that will do it for now.” I look at wind and smile. “I want to do a bit more training for tomorrow. Ok?” I said to Wind and he chirp happily.

After a few walks we both head back to the path and battle Wild Pokémon all afternoon. Wind was getting stronger than ever it was like no other. He even Rival Blade.

I was so proud of my Pokémon. Now all I had to do was head off to bed. I look at Wind on the ground. He looked a bit beat up and I smile at him. “Ok Wind that enough for today.” I said to Wind. I then use my poke ball and put him back inside. “Alright Wind. That was very good.”

I then head off to the Pokémon center. “Hello Ms. Wayna.” Nurse Joy said to me. “I see that you are back from training.” She spoke to me with a smile. “Would you like me to take you to the room now?”

“Yes if you please.” I said to her with a smile.

“Certainly. Right this way.” She led me to my room. “You’re place of stay now Ms. Good night.”

Walk in the room doing an inspection. There was one bed and a shower. Everything was going to work. Now all I need was to do was get some sleep. My poke ball then glows and out came Blade. “Fin!” He said happily sitting down looking up at me.

“Hey buddy do you want to sleep outside your poke ball tonight?” I ask him. He nods his head and I sigh. “Alright. I’m going to take a bath then you just get comfy.” I said to him. I grab a towel and head off into the shower.  

As I bathe in the shower. Blade jumps on the bed and looks out the window. (“Tomorrow battle will be a testament on just how hard I train.”) Blade spoke to himself. (“Wayna really nice and she not like other trainers at all. As a fire type I’m the strongest on the team. Hhmm although That Pidgey I heard is pretty strong as well to. I wonder what type of training they have done?”)

Just then one of Wayna other poke balls lit up. Out came Wind and Raze. Wind had a cool look on his face and Raze just seem to be hype. Wind flap his wings and landed on the head board of the bed.(“We both had the same training.” Wind said proudly with a smile. (“I bet we even rival each other. So don’t think just because you’re a fire type it means your stronger than us.”)

(“Man you guys are lucky.”) Raze said as he drop one of his ears and lower his tail. (“I give anything to at least get some training in. You know to really show my stuff.”)

(“Wayna is proud to catch you Raze believe me she has every intention to train you.”) Wind said looking at Raze. (“Wayna train me against a lot of Pikachu’s. She knew that I would be weak against them. So she had me train against them. That’s how I became stronger although I have a lot to learn.”)

(“Well if that true I gust she going to train me against water types.”) Raze said in thought. (“If that the case training going to be tuff. I can’t wait!”)

(“Well it’s nice to meet you both.”) Blade said looking out the window. (“The world is a dangerous place. If we don’t be careful we can be hurt. I want use to become Wayna strongest Pokémon. Got it!”)

(“No problem.”) Wind spoke closing his eyes.

(“You bet I will.”) Raze said as his cheeks Blade with electricity. (“Just imagine when I evolve. I’ll be unbeatable.”)

(“Evolution is not everything. You need to train hard and work to become stronger.”) Blade said to Raze. (“No amount of evolution will make you stronger.”)

Just then I walk out of the shower with a towel around myself. “Well it seems you guys all have made your self comfortable.” All of them look at me with a smile and I thought that Blade seem to blush. He then turn his head and I look confuse. “How about I get dress.”

Wind and Raze seem normal and not bother while Blade seem a bit embarrass. I wonder why? I walk over to my Poke balls.

After all my Pokémon was in there poke ball i took off my towel i went into my bag and got dress. I put on my pajamas and then head off to bed. "Oh i almost forgot." I walk over to Blade poke ball and let him out. "Come on Blade come and sleep next to me." Blade look happy and jump on the bed and cuddle up. I lie down happily and grab Blade and cuddle with him. Blade blush a bit and we both sleep.

The next day we challenge GMY leader Viola. "For my first Pokémon i picture perfect Surskit."  Viola said happily. "Ok surskit! Let’s show them they won’t win so easy."

"Don’t count on it." I said to them both. I then took out my two poke balls. I let out Raze. Raze look up at me with confusion. “I want you to watch this battle ok?”

“Pika!” he said happily.

I then walk over and out Blade. “Ok Blade.” I spoke with a determination as my heart pound in my chess.  “Because I’m the challenger I will go first.”

“Fine with me.” Viola spoke.

“Blade use ember.” I yell to him. Blade breathes in and shot out a fire ball out Surskit as the water Pokémon dodge it. “Dam he’s very agile.” One of Blade fire ball were actually able to hit Surskit but the agile water Pokémon jump the other way continued to dodge Blade other fire blast.

“Well your Fennekin agility is right on point.” Viola said very impress. “To bad water types are strong against fire types. Surskit use water gun!” The little guy blew out a water gun hitting Blade directly. Blade stood back up quickly. “What! How could he have recover so quickly!?”

“Hehhe! Our little secrets!” I said with a smile. “Now Blade use ember!” Blade breath in and let out a strong ember. It hit Surskit directly and he fell to the ground past out.

“Surskit is unable to battle.”  The reef spoke. “This match is won by the challenger.”

“Blade you did it!” I yell happily and jump with excitement. Blade beam with pride and ran towards me and jump in my arms. “Thank you so much Blade!” I then kiss his head and he blush a bit and nuzzle me. He then went to my shoulder and balances himself there.

“That was very nice. I didn’t know your Blade was so strong.” Viola she then put her Water Pokémon in her poke ball. She then took out another Poke ball. “But it will take more than that to beat Me.” out came a Vivillon. “Say hello to my picture prefect love. My Vivillon.”

“I won’t be using Blade again.” I said with a smile. “My next Pokémon will be Wind!” Wind my Pidgey then came out and I look on in joy. “Wind let win this. If we do then that one gym down.”

“Alright then I will go first!”  Viola said jumping in the air. “Use a picture prefect infestation!”

“Wind dodges it and use Gust now!” I yell and Wind dodges it. Viola looks more and more upset. I smile in pride as I watch wind hit Vivillon directly.  “It seems Wind has your Vivillon on the ropes.”

“Not yet he’s not!” Viola growls. “Vivillon use tackle!” She screams and Vivillon tackle Wind directly.  Wind then fell trying to get back on balance. “Now use infestation!”  Vivillon hit Wind directly and Wind began to fall thru the air.

“NO! Wind! Be strong! You have to be strong!” I said with a growl. Wind then use his wings to turn himself around but the wave of pain would hit him. “Hehehe Alright Wind! Were back in the game!”

“Not for long you’re not!” Viola said with a smile. “Use infestation!”

“No way!” I said looking at wind. “Use Gust and jump into it. Then use tackle.”  Wind uses his wing and crated a Gust that threw Vivillon off balance. “Now while her off balance. Get into the Gust and use tackle!” Wind felt the effects of infestation and flew into the Gust he created. He then uses tackles hitting Vivillon directly.

“No Vivillon!” Viola said with fear as she watches Vivillon fall to the ground pass out.

“Vivillon is unable to battle. This match to Wind. Wayna has won the gym battle. Way to go!” The reef spoke with a smile.

I then jump in the air grabbing Wind as he flew to me. “Great job wind!” I said jumping into the air holding him.

I then walk over to Raze and smile. “You see Raze that how it’s done.” I said to him with a smile. “Now that you know you can join me in the next GYM battle.”

After that I head to the Pokémon center to have my Pokémon healed. After that I went to a restraint. As I walk into the restraint my poke ball move and Blade came out. “Fin!” he said with his head held high.

“Would you like to join me for the meal?” I ask Blade. He nods his head and I smile. “Well jump on my shoulder and let’s go.” Blade smile and ran to my side.  He jumps on my shoulder and nuzzles me. We walk up to the counter where the waiter was and he walks us to our seats.

"We will bring your meal out shortly. " said the waiter.

Me and Blade look back at him on confusion.  "But we haven’t even order yet." I said in co fusion. "Wait comes back!"

The man was already gone to the back room. I sat in my chair and look at Blade. "I guess we just wait here now."  I said. As we wait Blade look at me strangely. "Blade what’s wrong?" He looks the other way as his cheeks blush. He turns back to me and licks my cheeks. "Was there something on my face?"  He kept blushing and nods his head.

A man then came out with a dish. "Well then. It seems that you walk into a battle cafe." He said with a laugh.

"A battle cafe?" I said confusingly.

"Yes a battle cafe." He said. "Trainers battle here and then eat after a battle." He then pulls out a poke ball.  "So what do you say? Do you want to battle?"

I look at Blade and he smile. "Why not?  All this training will prepare us for  our next GMY battle. " i said with a smile.

"Alright then." The chef said happily. "I won’t go easy on you kid." He then threw out a poke ball and a Zubat came out. “My Zubat is very fast. He’ll have you dizzy before you know it!"

"Sure you will." I said sarcastically.  "Blade go out there and show how strong you have become." Blade jumps off my shoulder and on the ground. "We will take the first move. Blade use ember!"

Blade shot at Zubat. "Zubat dodge it and use air cutter!"  Zubat quickly out the air and flap his wings. His wings making the air thin and sharp. Air cutter threw Blade thru the air as he flip and hit the ground.

Blade did a back flip and regains his position. “Alright Blade great comeback!” I yell and Blade glow with pride. “Now dig your feet into the ground.” Blade dug paws into the ground following my instructions.

“That fine with us.” Chief said with a smile. “It will do you little good with me! Now Zubat use tackle!”

I smile as Zubat flew straight for Blade. “he.” I laugh.  As Soon as Zubat came into firing range I made my move. “Blade as strong as you can use ember!” Blade breathes in quickly and shot out an ember Blade.

Zubat then fell to the ground and pass out. The Chef ran over to Zubat and held him. “You did good buddy.” He then turns to me. “That was a great battle put it here!”

We shake hands and I turn back to Blade. He then walks off with his Zubat into the back of the café. “Blade you were great!” I yell happily.

Blade smile full of pride wagging his tail. Blade then began to glow. “Blade are you …” He glows as he began to grow in size till he reach my height. “Blade you evolve!”

I pull out my pokedex and read what Blade evolves into. “Blade you turn into a Braixen! That so cool!” I said hugging him. “You’re taller than me. Hhmm….  That makes you even cooler.” Blade blush really hot and I smile.

I then let go of Blade and smile. “Alright let’s go now. Your still sort of beat up and need to see the Pokémon center.” We walk out the café and made our way to the Pokémon center next door.

As we walk in Nurse joy great us. “Wow your Pokémon evolves into a Braixen!” she said with a smile of joy. “But he looks a little bit beat up.”

“Yeah I know.” I said with a smile. “Can you take Blade and you know get him fix up.” I said rubbing my head a bit. “Can you send him outside to me when you’re done? I have to train My Pikachu and Pidgey. Then we have to go to the city to see Professor Sycamore. ”

“Sure dear.” Nurse Joy said with a smile. “This way Blade. I will send him to you when I’m done.”
I went outside to find some grass to train in. I took out my two poke balls and let out Wind and Raze. They both came out and Raze look around confuse.

Wind flew to my shoulder and look down at Raze. “Alright Raze. Today were going to be battling people on our team. It’s good we get to learn each other moves. Electricity can be very damaging to a flying type of Pokémon and flying type’s moves such as Gust can be very damaging to electric type Pokémon. So wind you will be using Gust on Raze and Raze will use Thunder shock.”

Wind flew off my shoulder and onto the other side of Raze. Raze stood ready to battle. “Alright Begin!” Raze started with Thunder shock sending a wave of electricity at Wind. Wind dodges it flapping his wings making air very windy.

Raze found it very hard to stand still but flip back hitting the wall. “Raze find some way to stay grounded!” ‘Pika!’ He yells out. “Wind good job with the Gust keep it up!” ‘Pidgey!” he said with a nod of his head.  Raze struggle on that spot and mange to stand up on the intense pressure of gust.

“Find some grounding Raze!” I commend him. ‘Pika!’ he spoke with a growl.  He then digs his tail into the ground and sends out Thunder Shock that hits Pidgey directly.  Gust then stop and Raze quickly ran forward and send out another Thunder Shock.

As wind flew back he quickly recovers and dodges Thunder Shock and weave thru Raze Thunder Shock. Raze use the tree as leverage and jumps on Winds back.  Before Raze could use Thunder Shock, Wind use whirl wind on itself and shake Raze off who didn’t have a strong hold. As Raze falls Wind use Gust of Raze making it a direct hit.

Raze lay down unable to battle and I ran over to him. “That was great Raze.” I said to him as I pick him up and went into my bag. I took out a hyper potion and he drank it. “I’m very proud of you Raze by time we get to the next GYM you will be ready for anything.”

“Pika!” He spoke happily. I then brought out my poke ball and put him back into it. “You deserve a good rest.” I then turn my attention to Wind and he began to glow. I watch him as he grew and change. His talons grew sharper and his feather grew longer. He even gains long pink red feathers on his head.  “Wind you’re a Pidgeotto!” I scream with joy and ran over to him with a smile. He flew to my arms in joy and I smile happily as he hugs me!

From the Shadows a jealous Blade watches from the shadows. He growls to himself and then walks out. As he walks out I turn around and smile. “Hi Blade how are you!” I said happily. “Look Wind evolves! He just as strong as you.” Then a clear hard slap came to my face.

Blade Pov:

Blade was ok with staying in the Pokémon center and getting fixed up. But Blade was bother with the fact that Wayna was training Wind and Raze without me.  Blade is sure it’s fine. ‘I mean she just went to go train them is all.’ As Nurse Joy walks me to the back room she tells him to sit on the table.  “Now you stay here while I go get the medicines and potions.”  As I sat there waiting for Nurse Joy a Garchop walk in.

“Hello.” Blade said coldly watching the water type walk in.

"What do we have here a Braixen. I Have not seen a Pokémon like you in a while." The Garchomp  said with a smile. "Hehehehe. I think I’ve seen your trainer.  She a cute one."

Blade growl at him and snarl. "Yes she is nice. Now if you don’t mind i like to be alone." Blade spoke in a cold tone. "After Nurse Joy is done with me i can go find her."

"Calm down little fox Pokémon. I was just saying how lucky you are." Garchomp spoke with a amuse smile. "I mean if i was hitting that to, i wouldn’t want someone else to get it!"

"What are you talking about! There is nothing going on between me and my trainer! “Blade snarl at him with a growl. "As far as I’m concern you are one sick pokemon!"

Garchomp only look more amuse. "Oh really then what is that between your legs?" Garchomp laugh with amusement.  Blade looks down and saw what he meant. He covers himself as his cheeks burn red. "I can see that you want some of that ass."

"Shut up! So what. It doesn't matter she my trainer.  Our relationship is just a friendship nothing more." Blade said sadly and then he growls pointing at the Garchomp. "Stay the hell away from her!"

"Easy there i don't want your trainer. " Garchomp spoke with a leer. "You can still get your trainer."

"You just don’t get it!" Blade growls.

"No you don’t get it!" Garchomp snap back at him. "While your here your trainer can get rather close to the other Pokémon on your team."

"Your nuts none of the other Pokémon and trainers are doing any of that!" Blade said with a cork brow. "Not everyone is as sick as you."

"You sure about that?" Garchomp said with a sneer.  He then motion for Blade to follow him and he open the door. Blade was greeted with the sight of Nurse Joy being fuck by a goodra. Blade eyes went wide. "Yah see trainers everywhere are doing it and the thing between your legs agree with me."

"Shut up!" Blade snarl. Garchomp chuckle and close the door. "Beside my trainer only has a Pidgey and a Pikachu. No way has she done that with them. She too good to sleep with anyone."

"Oh really i wouldn’t be too sure about that." Garchomp spoke with a smile. "I see your trainer.  She very loved towards the Pokémon."

"You lie." Blade growl at him. "Now leave! "

"I'm going.  But don’t kid yourself if you think she won’t take on the other Pokémon. " Garchomp smiles and walk off into the back room.

Later Nurse joy came out looking normal as possible with a smile on her face.  She had a tray full of potions and other medicines as well. 'For someone who fucks a goodra, she sure acts casual.' Blade thought to himself.

"Now i want you to drink these potions and let me spry your wounds." Nurse joy spoke to him.

As Nurse joy fix him up he just couldn't get what that dam Garchomp said to him and show him. Wayna his dear trainer was his and no one else!  He couldn't stand the thought of someone else touching her! The more he thought about it the more it made him angry. He was older and stronger she should be his! "All done." Nurse Joy spoke with a smile. "Your trainer is around the corner training her other Pokémon."

Blade nods his head and walk out. No his trainer wouldn’t dare! She would never love another. She was his even if she didn't rely it. It was ok if she love her other Pokémon like a trainer but not like a lover like him. As he walks he began to calm down. 'Wait what I am thinking.' Blade stop. 'She my trainer no way she belong to me. Sigh.' He turns the corner and saw a sight that made his anger go into over drive. He watch as Wind was no longer a Pidgey but now a Pidgeotto being embrace by her bosom.  It drove him wild with jealousy.
He walks forward from the shadows. He watch as his trainer told him the so call good news and out of jealousy anger he slaps her.

Wayna Pov:

I grab my face and look at Blade with shock. Why did he hit me like that?  Wind flaps his wings forward use quick attack on Blade.  Blade flip back and use flame charge. He rushes forward hitting Wind on a direct hit.  I snap out of hit and ran forward. "Stop it now!" I scream to break them apart. "Stop it!!!!!!"

As i ran forward my hands glow a dark black and so did my eyes. "STOP!" I scream causing the floor to vibrates sending a black shockwave causing both Pokémon to stop. This made Blade and Wind flay back hitting the ground in pain. I then fall to the ground and pass out.

When i reopen my eyes i saw a blurry version of Nurse joy, Blade and Wind. "What happen?" I spoke softly.  As my Vision clear Nurse joy gave me a shot. "Nurse joy..... What happen?"

"Your Braixen and Pidgeotto had brought you here."  Nurse joy spoke with a smile.  "Do you remember anything? You were out for some time."

"No. I don’t." I said softly.

"Unfortunately we might never know.  Your Pokémon can’t tell us anything at all." Nurse Joy said with worry. "How about you stay here tonight."

"Im sorry i just cant. I have someone who is waiting for me in the other town." I spoke and climb out of bed shortly.  "I have Professor Sycamore waiting for me. I can’t keep him waiting."

"But your still weak and you were knock out for some time."  Nurse joy spoke with worry. "Please stay here. It would be better for you and your Pokémon. "

"Im fine Nurse Joy really." I spoke and walk out the door. "I will be ok. If there anymore trouble i will head back. Come on Wind and Blade."

"Please be careful." Nurse joy call out with concern.

As me and my Pokémon walk Wind was perch on top of my head and Blade was walking beside me with concern. I was walking with not a concern. I don't remember much that has happen but i was sure i would be fine.

We made it to a clearing and i stop. "Ok guys how about we rest here."  I spoke to them. "The sun is setting and I’m getting tired. Let’s get something to eat then go to bed." I walk over to my bag and brought out a meddle rod. "I'm going to do some fishing. The two of you can explore." Then a red flash of light came out my bag. Raze broke out his poke ball. Raze look up at me with joy.

“Alright Raze, while Blade and Wind go hunting for food.” I told Raze as I walk with him on my shoulder. “We will go hunting.”

Both male Pokémon walk thru the forests.  Neither of them said anything to each other.  Till Wind broke the silence. He flew to the branch in front of Blade. "We need to talk Braixen." Wind spoke with a dark tone. "Wayna may not remember that you slap her but i sure as hell do!"

Blade growls a bit but said nothing. Wind continued keeping his glare. "If you lay another paw on her Wayna will have only have two Pokémon to take care of.  I don’t know what’s gotten into you but get over it. I won’t stand any abusive Pokémon here." Wind then flew of in search of food.

Blade watch Wind flew off above the trees and he snarl. "Dam Pidgeotto!"  Blade snarl. He knew he was wrong for slapping Wayna but he just couldn’t stand the thought of her being so close to another Pokémon. That Pikachu Raze was fine.  That dam Pidgeotto was mature like him.  The Pikachu was younger than them rather he was evolving or not.

Blade huff and head off to hunt something. After hunting and roasting a deer Pokémon alive Blade brought the cook Pokémon back to the group. Wind apologizes to Blade about his behavior towards him earlier. Blade accepted his apology and the two were friends again.

Now it was night time. Wind was in a tree branch resting while Raze was sleeping on a blanket. Blade was awake looking at his trainer sleep in a sleeping bag. He watches her sleeping body breath in and out.  He saw her leg out and had a good look at her underwear.  Those black well fitted panties.  He then blush and sigh. He couldn't take it anymore he had to do something.
Then his right round cock sprang from between his legs. It was right, plump and hard.  That does it! He couldn't take it anymore! Blade got up and walks over to Wayna. He looks over to the other sleeping Pokémon and they slept peacefully.  He saw her sleeping and came close. He sniffs her for a moment and smell peaches. He smiles as he blush. He came closer to her and focused on her lips. Her pink bottom lip gave her such a innocent look.

He came close and just watches her sleep. He then kisses her. At first he shocks himself and considers pulling away. His cock disagrees. He kisses her even deeper putting her tongue even deep to her. He was then in shock as he felt her kiss him back. He thought she was awake but found she was still sleep.  He saw her still sleep and continued sleep. He then had enough kissing and pulled out. He looks down at her and saw how cute she looks as she blush.

Blade then made a quick run into the forest. He found a river and lay down behind a tree. He then brought his attention to the plump cock between his legs. He grabs it roughly and growl. He didn't waste any time pumping his cock hard as he did this he imagine his trainer on all four s. He imagines her with a gag in her mouth as he fucks her in the ass hard as he fill her with cum. He imagines making her keep it in.  With a few more hard thrust he came hard in his hand. He came all over himself shamefully and felt dirty. 'What am i doing? She my trainer! ' He thought to himself. He looks up at the moon and growl. 'Still i want her. This is never going to go away.' Blade growls to himself with his ears down.

The next day Wayna awoken and got all her Pokémon. In their pokeball. In leader today would still be Blade. "Alright Blade lets head off to Lumiose City." Wayna said and grab Blade hand.  "Together." Blade blushes and held her hand.

The two walk thru the forest till they made it to Lumiose City. Upon entering the huge city. Blade and Wayna was shock. "Blade do you see this!" Wayna said happily.  "To think that a gym leader lives here. But we need some more badges before we challenge him. Oh well lets head on off to Professor Sycamore."

As Blade walk holding Wayna hand Blade spotted a Braixen female. The female Braixen had a red bow on her neck walking with her female trainer. The female Braixen stare at him with a smile and he corks a brow. "Come on Blade were almost there." The female Braixen wink at him and he look somewhat confuse. "Were there!" Wayna said with a smile happily. Blade turns his head from the female Braixen.

Blade looks up at the building.  "Alright Blade lets hurry up and go inside." Wayna spoke to Blade.  Wayna lead Blade inside the building.  They saw blond hair women at the desk and walk over to her. "Excuses me I’m here to see Professor Sycamore. Is he here?" Wayna ask her.

"Why yes he is. Just take the elevator to the second floor." The women spoke with a smile.

"Thank you." Wayna spoke. Both she and Blade made their way to the elevator.  They took it to the second floor.  They both walk out the elevator to see doctors walking around. Professor Sycamore was talking to someone holding a stone.

He looks towards them and smile. "Well look forward who here!" Professor Sycamore said with a smile walking over to Wayna and Blade with a smile. "Well if it isn’t Wayna. The trainer i heard so much about!"  He looks at Blade with an impressive smile. "You already evolve your starter Pokémon to a Braixen i see." Professor Sycamore said with a smile.
Shiva use. by wasfight17
Shiva use.
this is for

remember when i said shiva had use for Wayna.  shiva meet wayna as a teen and took her undre her wing. Wayna see Shiva as a mother. so as a adult Wayna is as big as simba. She is Shiva body guard and will kill anyone who try to hurt her

 now she is has beat kondo in a fight while shiva watch. wayna will kill kondo unless shiva tell her to stop.
Moments. by wasfight17
this is for

1: Samson is holding teen Wayna back from Kando.

2: Age difference: Samson is an older adult then Wayna. Wayna is younger then Iko. so she see samson sort of like a father.

3: Age difference: Iko is a preteen while Wayna is still a cub.

4: Age difference: Tomba is an older adult. at this time iko is an older adult and Wayna is a pre teen. Wayna favorite past time is aggravating Tomba. she loves him.


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