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That night i did not get any sleep at all. I was to afraid of what Xatu said to me. Was i the cause of all these pokemon pain. I mean i didn't mean for any of this to happen. I could not sleep at all. the next morning  i climb out of my bed slowly.

I needed to get back to work. Maybe that would take my mind off of events that happen today. I then walk out side to find Char. I look around for Char most of the time he beat me out side. i sigh. "Hey Wayna why the long face." I look up to see Blade. His smiling face made me smile. "You look like you got some bad news. hehehehe."

"It's nothing i was only thinking about something is all." I said to him as he walk up to me. "So how did the meeting between the kings went. Not well i guess."

Blade then look serious. "No not well for none of us." Blade spoke then growl. "That dam Umbreon king!" I look at Blade with a bit of surprise. he always kept a cool nature about him. "He play to each kingdoms struggles and use it to bring him self and his horrible kingdom back into our lives! Snarl! Now pure dark types can walk the land like they please."

I then brought my ears up in a bit of anger. "Enough Blade! I don't know this Umbreon king and i know his general is a jerk. Still we can not judge other because of there race!" I staid to him sternly. "Maybe he is a bad king but not every pure dark type is. it just cant be that way."

"Wayna you don't understand dark types are dangerous!" Blade urge me.

"Maybe they are, but so are fire types! also any other types if you piss them off enough. it is something they are born with. it is not a choice!" I snarl at him standing up taking a step forward. "I thought out of everyone i know you would be more accepting!"

"Wayna I'm but..." he try to say but i walk right past him.

"No Blade i don't want to hear it." I said to him sternly. "I will talk to you later." I walk away and began to head to pokemon square.  As i thought about Blade words it only made me growl with anger. As i walk looking down i bump into some one. "Ouf! I'm sorry-"

I look up and saw my worst fear. "I should have you lose your job for bumping into me." Theluji spoke with a sadistic smile looking down at me. This was no prey pokemon. I crotch to the ground with my tail between my legs and ears back. I was surrounded by his guards Mightyena, Zoroark and Hydreigon.  They were all so larger then me. "then maybe then i can take you and make you apart of my kingdom."

I wanted to be brave. I wanted to fight back but know how bad that could turn out. But i had to bring my self up. so slowly i stood up. "I'm sorry, that i bump into you...." I slowly spoke as his guards circle me. "But my village leader was clear with the rules. you cant take me on our land."

just then Wayna was smack to the ground. When she look again Theluji was standing over her with his ears up and tail up. "How brave of you to try to stand up to me girl." He spoke with a smile. two of his guards sniker. "I may not be able to take you to my land but I can still punish you for anything and everything."

"Get off me!" I said in fear with my tail between my legs. "You cant do this to us!"

"Your village leader is not here to stop me now." Theluji spoke with a smile. He then turn to his guard. A male Mightyena. "Darmin teach her a lesson!"

When Darmin step forward to bite me Blade ran in front of him with a mouth full of fire. "Touch her and die." Blade growl with his ears up and tail between his legs. "I will not allow any of you to harm her anymore."

"Blade..." I said fearful.

"Stand down fox." Theluji said with annoyance. "This does not concern you."

"It concerns me when you try to hurt those i care about." Blade growl stepping over me shielding me with his body. "You know very well she did nothing wrong. If you attack someone of our village we have every right to fight."

"Well then don't talk." Theluji said with a dark crazy smile. "Fight!" He send a shadow ball at Blade and Blade send a strong Ember.  the attack cancel each other out. I didn't not just wanted to just be weak. I had to get into this fight. I then dig under ground.  "Attack my-" He was cut off by me jumping out of the ground and biting his paws.


"AAAAAAHHAHHH!" Theluji scream in pain and sat down withering in pain. "You dam bitch! My paw!"  Darmin ran to Theluji side with his other two guards.

"What the hell you did to him you bitch!" Darmin growl his red eyes lock on to my blazing brown eyes. "Lets get you to the medic sir. Dam your father is not going to like this." He then move to put Theluji to his back.  He then look at us. "If it was not for the general paw i would kill you both! So watch out!"

They then left. I growl at them as they left. "Wow Wayna!" Blade went in shock. "I did not know you knew dig."

"Yeah i did not know  to." I said with a smile. "But i was hoping i would learn a new move soon." We both smile and i look at Blade. "Why did you come save me?"

"Because I was thinking about what you said and I'm sorry." he said look down sadly and then gave me a smile. "I never meet a pure dark type. but a whole race cant be evil and dark."

"It's ok i forgive you." I said and nuzzle him softly.  he look at my bloody jaw and lick my muzzle clean. I look at him with shock and he smile. "You really need to stop cleaning me."

"I don't think i can." He said with a smile. "Hahahaha. Your such a cutie."

"Hehehehehe!" I laugh with a blush and he nuzzle me. Just then Char was in front of us. "Oh hey Char." I said with my ears back in embarrassment. "We were just talking."

"I see...." Char spoke as he stare down Blade. "Well Blade I have to talk to Wayna alone for a minute if you dont mind."

"No problem." Blade spoke coolly and walk away. "See you later Wayna."

Once Blade was out of sight I gave char a hard look. "Char he just gave me a hand with some horrible guards." I said with a growl. "There is no need to be jelo."

"I'm not jealous of that stupid fox." Char growl with his tail a blaze. he then calm down. "Besides I have a more important mater to tell you about."

"About what?" I ask him with my ear back a bit annoyed at his mood. "What happen."

"Theirs a legend about going on in Pokemon square." Char spoke to me and i sat down. I look at him in confusion. "Sigh let me explain. There once lived a Pokémon by the name of Ninetales. Now, Ninetales had many tails, all of them imbued with psychic power... It was said that anyone so foolish as to touch a tail would be cursed for a thousand years. But there was someone so foolish as to grab a tail. And it was a human. As one might expect, the human that grabbed the tail was subjected to a thousand-year curse. However, just when the curse was cast, a Pokémon named Gardevoir shielded the human... And sacrificed herself to absorb the curse. Taking pity on Gardevoir, Ninetales asked the human this... Do you wish to save Gardevoir? it asked... But the human had already abandoned Gardevoir and fled. Ninetales became disillusioned with the human... And it made this prediction... That human will one day be reborn as a Pokémon...And when the human becomes a Pokémon... The world's balance will be upset..."

I look at him with my ears back. I felt my heart drop. "So it is all my fault...." I said in fear and started to cry. "I mean i didn't want this to happen! How could i do that to that pokemon!"

"Wayna calm down!" Char spoke and grab my cheek hard. he let go and i grab my cheek.'Owe' I moan in my head rubbing my cheeks. "I've had enough Wayna for today. between you and my father i'm tired. Good night Wayna i will see you tomorrow."

I look Char with sad eyes as he walk away slowly. i look down and began to cry. Char look back at me and stop. "Wayna..." He said to me turning with sad eyes. "I believe for a moment what everyone told me....I'm sorry... But i have faith in you now. if you were that human before then you are not that human now. Your my partner." he spoke then smile determine. 'Maybe something more one day.' He thinks in his head. "So i have faith in you. Get some rest Wayna tomorrow we go back to work."

I smile happily at Char. Even if the odds were stack against me he still had my back and I loved him for it. Now it was time to rest and get ready for a long day of work tomorrow.

The night i had  that dream again. I was in the place i was always in. 'I Always see this Silhoiette... Who could it be? Who could it be. it seem to be someone. I can hear them talking. I'll try talking to them.' I think in my head and then try to speak to the pokemon. "hello? Who is there. Who are you?" I spoke to the pokemon.

then the image became clear. "I'm ...I'm Gardevoir. I'm so glad to finally meet you!" She spoke with happiness. "I'm your..."

She was cut off by me awakening. "No... she.. fading..." I scream to my self.


The awaken to the bright day and look around. No she was gone. Gardevoir. I said and stood up. "No use and think about it now." I spoke with my ears back. "I better go find Char." I walk out side to see Char in a ok mood.

"Hey Wayna we need to go." Char spoke urgency. "All the kings and pokemon are at pokemon square." We made our way to town and all the shops were close up. "The Town seems just more dark. Whats going on?"

"I don't know but i don't like it." I spoke with my ears back fearful.

I saw a mass group of Pokemon. "Hey whats going on?" Char ask the pokemon.

Bellsprout turn around and look at us with worry. "Char! Wayna!" He said in fear. "Your not going to believe it! The legend it's true!"

I look at char with fear. "Come on Wayna let listen in for our self." Char spoke and even if i was fearful i listen to him.

All the kings, Generals, Guards and Pokemon all  were gathering around Gengar. I growl to my self out of fear and anger. I should have kill the dam thing. Even Village leader Lithra.

"Just tell us what Xatu said about the future." Tynan snap growing impatient. I was not paying attention but Theluji had his eyes on me the whole time.  

"Hold on my king." Gengar said with a happy evil smile. "I will start from the beginning. "So i Went up to the Hill of the Ancients. And that's where i saw it! it was shocking stuff, I tell you! Kehehehehe"

"What kind of shocking stuff?" A pokemon ask.

"I'm getting there!" Gengar said with a growl and the pokemon back down. "This Pokemon was getting advice from Xatu. That Pokemon... it looks like an ordinary Pokemon..." Gengar then put on his best show of falseness. "But get this! It was an ordinary human!"

Everyone look shock. I brought my ears back and hid behind Char. Tynan look so dam happy. I had eye contact with Theluji. the smug pokemon gave a smirk at me. I look at his paw and saw a bandage. King Gardevior Theoduin look at Village leader Lithra with worry.

"A human that is impossible!" Blastoise Snorkel spoke looking at king seamore. "Why would the leadgendary allow that to happen."

"They didnt!" Charizard king Morenth spoke with a fire muzel. "The human is curse and is an abomination. she should be killed!"

"hey wait everyone!" Gengar yell out. "There more. The human also has a lot to do with how the world balance is upset!"

"Wait a minute is it not just a legend." A pokemon yell out.

"Kekehe!" Gengar laugh happily. "This is no fairy tail. Dont be too shocked yet. There's more. You all know how therefore been many natural disasters. Those disasters are caused by the world balance being up set." He was then calm and then look frantic. "And if the world balance is not restored soon... then the unthinkable will happen!!!! It is what he said!!!!"

"The world...." Bellsprout spoke in fear. "The unthinkable going to happen?"

"What are we going to do?" Another pokemon said in fear.

"That ass hole Gengar." Char growl his tail a blaze. "He starting ariot and making everyone afraid."

"Now, now, People. There no need to panic." Gengar said  with a smile happily. "Why, i think there s way  we can do something about this. Keheheheh." Every one turn to back to Gengar. "Oh, it's quite simple, actually. If the world balance is up set by a human becoming pokemon. then all we need to do is get rid of the human."

"Blast!" I went shaking in fear. My ears were not even back they were just down in fear and tail between my legs. The grin on theluji face just widen.  I then growl and stood up.

"He is right." Snubbull said. "When you put it like that. it makes sense."
"That human is a rotten coward that abandon it's friend when most needed."  Gengar said with a frown. "I don't think the human can say anything if we get rid of it. Is that right Wayna."

I look fearful with my ears back and tail between my legs. "What guys no! Dont listen to that Gengar! Most of you all know Wayna." Char spoke standing in front of me. "Some of you she did jobs for."

Char was then push out of the way by his father. "Move boy." Niruth growl pushing Char out the way.  "Well human is what the dark pokemon say is true? Are you the betrayer!"

"Yeah little Eevee how is it that we have nature problems and you show up?"  Blastoise Snorkel spoke with a growl . "You humans are always a problem."

"Wayna say something!" Bellspourt spoke out with worry.

"Enough of this! it true!" Tynan spoke with a growl. "And to think we wanted you in our kingdom! Darmin get her!"

Then thr guard attack me and i jump out of the way bumping into Char. "Wayna Let's get out of here!" Char yell and we ran off with each other out of pokemon square. Once back infront of my home. Char look behind us. "They stop chaseing us." he then turn to me with a blaze tail. "Wayna! Why didnt you say anything!"

I look down sadly with fear. "Look Char. I had a dream." I spoke.

"What dream." Char spoke crossing his arms. I told Char about my dreams i been having and this made Char growl. "Did your dreams help you remmber what you were as a human?" I shake my head no. "Then you dont know if it's you or not. I know it's not you. Even if it is you have change."

just then Alakazam team came in front of us. "Look after what happen in pokemon Square we mange to talk to the kings and it was decide. This was a village issue because you are our people. So it has been decide that Wayna must be done away with."

I look at him with fear. But he kept talking. "You will be chase till the ends of the earth tomorrow and any one with Wayna will be assume a enemy. You must keep ruining till you find the truth and dont come back till you do! Good bye." He then turn to leave. He then look back at me again. "Tommow the kings will also join the hunt with there guards. Good luck." Then they were gone.

"Alakazam...." Char spoke sadly. he then turn to me. "See Wayna even they have faith in you to. in there own way. so what do you say."

I look down with my ears back. I brought my ears up and tail up. "Yes I'm over it now. I cant change the past but i can be a better person now and help those now. So i'm sorry Char. I know we can do it." I then growl. "When we come back that gengar better live in Pokemon square. because if he don't.....Growl! I will eat him!"

Char look at my rage and took a step back. "Calm down Wayna. heheh it will be ok." Char spoke with a smile. "We will get him. Alright I'm heading home get some rest."

"Ok." I said with a smile.

the next morning I walk out of my home ready for the fight of my life.  char was already out side my door. "Good morning Char." I said with a smile. "If it's alright with you i want to go as soon as possible."

"Good if your all set let's head out." Char spoke with a smile.

Before we could leave we heard voice's. We turn to see  two Jumpluff, Caterpie and Metapod. They stop in front of us and smile.  

"Hey guys we just wanted to catch you to say good bye." Jumpluff said with a smile. "We know you will uncover the truth."

"Yeah we did not buy ganger lies." Caterpie said to encourage us both. "Please be careful on your mission."

Just then Diglett came out of the ground. "I wanted to send you off to." Diglett spoke with a smile.

Char almost started to cry in joy. Then our mail came by our mail bird. "Wayna read the mail." Char told me.

"We know you will be fine Wayna. We know you are not the cause to the world being unbalance. good luck. Pelipper." I read out  with joy.

"Look Wayna everyone actually believe in us!" Char spoke with a smile. "We can do this! No going back. Everyone thank you."

after saying good bye to everyone we were on our own. in the wild, on the run and doing what we must to live. nothing more and nothing less.
The next morning i walk out of my home. i look around for Char and saw him walk up to he. "Hey Wayna how are you?" he said with a smile . "let's head off to Pokemon Square. I want to leave some items there."

"Alright. I need to stored some seeds anyway." I Walk back into my house and grab my bag. I then walk back out side. "Alright lets go. I also want to go to Felicity Bank."
once at Pokemon Square I drop Money off at Felicity Bank. "Hey Felicity. How are you?" I said giving her my money. I look around and saw a lot of different Pokemon guards. "Also whats with all the different guards?"

"Well there is a meeting here. The king Umbrion and his son are coming here for a peace treating." Felicity said with her ears back in fear. "The extra guards are here to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"What!?" Me and Char said at the same time.

"Are you sure?" I ask with my ears back a little fearful. "I mean If that true if an Eevee clan see's me they will demand that i be taken!"

"Wayna don't Worry we will be gone all day on our Mission." Char spoke putting a claw on my shoulder. He then look at Felicity. "Why are all the kingdoms having there meeting here? Don't they all have kingdoms."

"Yes they do. But this location is more in the middle. so everyone feels more safe. you know." Felicity spoke. "Also i'm closing up today early. i don't want to be here if everything goes bad. Also I hope they don't catch you Wayna."

"thank you." I said with my ears back. "come on char let's go store my seeds and your stuff. then we have to go on our mission. At least before the Umbreon see's me."

After we store our seeds and stuff we began to head out of Pokemon Square. But then we were spotted by the drak kingdom Guard and Fire kingdom guard. "Halt!" they both said.

"Oh no! Dad!" Char spoke with a cold fear up his spine. There a big shiny Charizard with a scar on his right eye stood. next to him Was the royal guards Arcanine, Typhlosion and Houndoom.
"What do you know a lone Eevee." The Umbreon said with a leer. next to him was Mightyena, Zoroark and Hydreigon. "The royal family's are going to love you."

just then the  Village leader Ninetails Lithra stood over us. "Honer Guess i undrestand that you are all upset and have travel a long way."  Lithra spoke calmly but firmly standing over us. "Still this land belongs to no kingdom at all. I have allow you all to be here as guess. none are allow to take any villagers in Pokemon Square." As she spoke some growl at her but she care not. "All your kingdoms agree to this at the meeting. in fact i have your kings and Queens words. None of you can ignore it. Not even you general Niruth or you General Theluji."

They growl somemore but they stop. "Very well Village leader Ninetails Lithra." Theluji spoke sitting down. "But i will have to have a word with my king  Tynan. I'm sure his queen Valenthia will have a lot to say about a female of our kind out of a clan."

"For your information Theluji She has a clan of her own."  Village leader Ninetails Lithra spoke with a growl. "They are not so against females fighting unlike most clans."

"Watch your tongue Fox or the king will have it." Theluji growl with his ears up and tail up. "As for her having a clan, I highly doubt it. But me and my guards must be going now." Theluji spoke with smile. I crotch low with my ears back as he walk past us. He kept his eyes on me and so did his guard Mightyena, Zoroark and Hydreigon.

"Jerks." I spoke with a growl. i look and saw Char holding me tight. he held me in fear from his father. "It's OK Char I'm right here."

"OK...." Char spoke with a fearful voice.

Niruth look at Village leader Ninetails Lithra with anger. "Village leader Ninetails Lithra with all do respect. What you have there is not one of your villagers. It's my worthless son Char. I would like to have him back. "

"Well fire kingdom General Niruth. This is his home and he is one of my top rescuers. So he is one of my villagers!" Village leader Ninetails Lithra spoke in annoyance.

"But our laws require-" Niruth try to speak but he was cut off by Village leader Ninetails Lithra.

"Your laws requirements mean nothing outside of your kingdom." Village leader Ninetails Lithra with a growl. "Now Char and Wayna You two have work to do head to your work and do not come back till it's done!"

Me and Char ran off quickly. she was giving us an escape. "Yes Village leader Ninetails Lithra!"  We both said in fear and ran quickly.

once at the great canyon entrance. we both took a breath. "Wow Village leader Ninetails Lithra really help us back there." I said with a huff. "I know clans don't let there Eevee's out , but why take some random Eevee into your clan?"

"To help stop inbreeding." Char spoke a sadly. "Every Eevee clan wants a new blood in there clan. so Eeve stay in there clan till they Evolve. If they see a Eevee walking around they will take them by force."

"They can't do that!" I said with my ears back in fear.

"they can and will." Char spoke gravely. "But because you are part of this village , you should be fine."

"What about your father! I thought he was the over see'er not the general." I said walking over to Char with concern. "He was scary. Can he really take you away."

"Not if i stay part of a rescue team and work for the village." Char spoke and turn to me with sadness in his eyes. "My father Niruth had been chasing sense the day i escape from my home. Now he knows where i live. He will do anything in his power to take me back."

I look at my friend and nuzzle him. "I wont let him OK. I'm here for you alright. We took on Zapdos a legendary pokemon. I'm sure we will be fine. Now let's get thru this Great Canyon and get to the hill of Ancients!"

"Yeah your right he cant get me now." Char said with joy. "Let's go!"
At the village all the kings from each kingdom gather at Village leader Ninetails Lithra home. All were on edge and wanted to hurry up and start the meeting.
King Morenth Firebreath. The Charizard king. With his Charizard Genral Niruth and the royal guard Arcanine, Typhlosion and Houndoom. He had multiple Scars on his body and intense green eyes. he was the biggist one in the cave. "let's get this meeting over with i have a kingdom to run, then to be in this small unworthy poverty hole."

"No one want to keep you from your kingdom you brute." The Serperior King Seamore snap at him. His gneral was a Venusaur name Bhishma. Also his guards another Venusaur, Meganium, Sceptile and Cacturne. "Not everything out of your destructive hole is trash."

"Watch your tone snake!" King Morenth snap at him.

"Enough both of you!" The Psychic Gardevoir king Theoduin. His genral an Alakazam name Othorion watch with ease. also his guards a Espeon, Medicham and Metagross all stood at attention. "We are not here to start war among one another. no not at all. we are here because a kingdom wish to rejoin us back into our ranks. weather we let them or not is up to us."

"I Would like to hear it out first before we make our words." The Water king Snorkel spoke softly. he turn to his General Nerio Samurott. Also his guard Poliwarth, Tentacruel and Dewgon. he then turn back to all the kings. "I'm sure we can all agree to this.That why were all here."

"Yes who knows what they can offer us." King Nightshade the Luxray spoke getting impatient. His general a Jolteon name Brutus. also his guards of Raichu, Electabuzz and Manetric. "I certainly don't want to sit here and argue all day."

So the Gardevoir king Theoduin turn to the dark Kingdom king. "So why have you brought us all here to meet today? Why should any of us have any dealings with you at all? King Tynan."

King Tynan had a calm smile on his face. "My Dear kings it is a pleasure to finally get the chance to meet you in person." Tyana spoke with gloat as other other kings look at him with disdain. "What no warm welcomes. How sad."

"Get to the point Tynan." Morenth spoke with a growl. "You are trying our patients for you."

"Aw is the big bad dragon upset because my people raid your kingdom undetected for two years straght." Tyana spoke with a sneer. "Or is he mad because most of his treasures is lost because of all the earth quakes in the high mountains."

"Growl!" Morenth went and use flamethrower.  Theluji step forward and use protect. Covering his king. "Dam dogs!"

Everybody in the room tense up. "Stand down." Tyana spoke to his guard with his smug behavior.

"enough of this!" King seamore spoke with anger. "Before some one get's hurt tell us why anyone of us should allow you into our Circle."

"It's simple each of you have a major problem in your kingdoms." Tyana spoke with his ears up and tail moving nonchalantly to the side. "Each of those problems I can solve."

"Oh really." Theoduin spoke judging the dog.

"Yes i will go one by one." Tyana spoke with his ears up. "I will start with my dear Charizard King Morenth."

"What problem can you possibley solve for my kingdom runt." Charizard spoke with a growl. "What could you offer me?"

"Your daughter." Tyana spoke with a smug sneer. This made Morenth take a step back in shock. "If you allow me back into your circle then i will give you back your escape daughter."

"Grr... How did you come across her. I have been hunting her for three years." Morenth growl.

"Oh my pokemon had found her taking shelter near our border." Tyana spoke with a smile. "I can give her to you unharmed but only if i have your unbreakable word. that i be allow back into the circle."

Morenth growl. he count not stand that this runt was able to get him into a corner. he hated him. Still his daughter was right there. He escape has inspire others to break away from his kingdom. he needed her back alive. "Fine! You have my vote." Morenth spoke with a growl.

"Thank you king Morenth." Tyana smile with joy. He then turn to king Snorkel. The Blastoise look at the dog all confident and sneer. "Now don't give me that look king Blastoise. After all you get something to."

"Just get on with it!" Snorkel spoke with a growl.

"I will." Tyana said happily. "As you know most Water pokemon migrate, including Blastoise. Am i right?"

"Yes you are." Snorkel said with contempt in his voice.

"Well as you know there is a migration path that is past Shadow Canyon and in the middle of dead Wind forest. this place use to be a great Migration spot fit for a king. but has been cut off ever sense the war." Tynan spoke with confidence. "If i can have a place in your circle then this place will be back open."

Snorkel just could not say no and he hated it. the war cause his people much and they were still suffering from it. Blastoise number had drop and they needed every breeding season to be good. a stop like that would mean a lot to his people. Snorkel look down and spoke. "You also have my vote Tynan." He spoke with his ears back.

"Thank you king Snorkel. my people thank you for this kindness." Tynan said smugly and this made Snorkel growl with anger. He then turn to King Seamore the Serperior. "I will make this short King seamore."

"Just tell me what you can get me." Seamore spoke not in the mood for his bullshit.
"I know that the Grass kingdom have a predator problem with the Salamence hunting your people in your land. Am i right." Tyana spoke with his ears to the side.

"Yes." Seamore growl looking back the other way. "There is a small problem were having."

"Small heheheheh your people are almost close to fleeing your land." Tynan spoke with a sneer. "So i have spoke to the leader of them and they agree to leave your kingdom if I allow them to hunt in my kingdom. but i will only give them my answer when i return. So do i have a seat at your table?"

Seamore hiss at Tynan but he knew he needed this. he hated what the Umbreon ask him. then spoke. "I Gree to this deal. Not a one pure dark type is allow in my land!"

"Thank you king Seamore." Tyana spoke with a smile. Seamore hated him now. Now more then anything.

"Now king Nightshade i bet your wondering what i can do for you?"

"I hate you" Nightshade sitting down with his ears back looking at the dog with distant.

"Hehehehe well i know that most electric need thunder stones to eveolve." Tynan spoke with a smile. "But as you know no pokemon had been able to Evolve as of late. Well in my land we have no such problem. so if you were to get a thunder stone from my land and come to my land to Evolve. then your people would have no such problem."

"How do we know your not the problem?" Nightshade growl.

"Oh please nightshade. not even i have such power. if i did i would concur you all. but at last now all i want is to bring my people back up and fix my land to live in peace." Tynan said with a roll of his eyes.
Nightshade growl with his ears back electricity going around his body. "Fine you stupid mut! You have a place at the circle. You only need king Theoduin approval!"

"Thank you king Nightshade." He spoke with a smile. He wags his tail and look to Theoduin."Now tell me King of the Psychic types. Tell me if you do not want to know what i can do for you."

"What is that King Tynan! King of the dark types." Theoduin said with a sneer. you could feel the tention and the hate in the room for each other in the room. "Tell me how you will buy my vote!"

"Something we took from your kingdom long ago." Tynan said with joy. "We kept it to hold over your head all this time. You know what i speak."

"Snarl!" Theoduin snarl trying to control him self.

"The crown of Silvermist!" Tynan said with a evil smile. "Any Psychic type that hold it right to rule is absolute! Will you take my deal. I know what your kingdom say. you have no right to rule."

"Growl! Fine!" Theoduin spoke with a growl. "Fine! You have it! But be warn none if your our deal stand if you try anything."

"Yes." Tynan spoke with a evil smile. "I will deliver it as soon as possible." Tynan then left the cave with his guard happily. he had score his points.

the other kings began to leave with there guards. Till King Theoduin stop in front of Lithra. "Thank you for letting us stay in your village."

"the pleasure is all our. Were just glad the kings and queens would give us such an privilege." Lithra spoke with joy happily.

"Now we should head to our place of stay."Theoduin spoke happily.

"Yes we finally made it to the top Wayna." Char said with a smile. "And look the day is almost over! Hehehehe. if Were lucky My dad is gone."

"Yeah i sure hope that General is gone to." I said with my ears back "What his name Theluji?"

"Who cares let's at least we find who we came for." Char spoke looking around with his ears up. "There! Look over there! Wayna. Look Xatu." we both walk over to Xatu. "Excuse me? Are you Xatu?"

"Hey can you hear us?" I ask the bird pokemon.

Char then walk infront of him. "HHHHHEELLOO!" Char scream at Xatu. The bird pokemon did nothing but stood there. he then walk back to where he was. "It's no good what should we do now?"

"Hhmm... try tickling him." I said to him.

"Realy that kind of funny." Char said. "Alright I will give it a shot."

Char then tickle the Xatu with his claws. it took a minute but the bird pokemon laugh happily awake. "Hehehehehheheh! Stop! stop! I'm awake now." he then look at me. "You there! You are a Human!"

Me and Char then look surprise. "How did you know!" I said with my ears back.
Xatu look out into the sunset. "I stare at the sun unblinking." He spoke turning from us both. "It gives me sight of all things. The past and future too."

"I know!" Char spoke stepping next to me. "Next to me is my friend Wayna. She woke up one day as a Pokemon. with no memory of her past life. can you please tell us."

"The calamities of nature." Xatu spoke unhappy. "There have been many recent times. they occur because the world balance is upset."

"Is  Wayna being a pokemon have something to do with it!" Char ask in fear and i look down in fear.
"yes it is." He said looking at me. "There are bigger concerns..... the world balance must be restored. or the unthinkable shall happen to our world."

"Are you sure!" I yell at him getting up set and Char hold me.

"You cant be serious!" Char yell.

"I'm and i dread it everyday!" Xatu spoke in fear. "Everyday i see it. The same future everyday." he then shake in fear. "I fear it... the world falling a part."

"The world falling apart!" Char spoke in fear.

somewhere in the shadows Gengar smile with a sinister smile. "Kekeh! isn't that a surprise! hehehehe!" he then ran off.


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