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Wayna growl as she walk thru the woods. Megatron pack rule the woods. If a pack did not agree with his way of ruling they were killed left with only a few survivors as punishment to remember he was in charge. packs were allow to live just as long as they pay tribute to his pack. a pound of deer meat for his pack at the end of the week. optimus pack was no where to be found. no where to be seen. the forest run with the blood of the packs that did not bow to Megatron rule.

now that the forest was under his control packs were on high alert to strangers and rouges. rouges were killed on the spot by other packs. As Wayna walk with her tail low and ears down she wounder how it could have come to this. she stop and sat down softly under a tree till she heard a noise. she brought her ears up and tail up with a growl. "Who is it!" Wayna growl. The bushes move and rumble out came from the shadows Soundwave. "Soundwave...." Wayna went in fear looking as she crotch low with her ears back and tail between her legs."

"Mutt..." He spoke in a growl tail up and ear up pointed back. "It would seem i have found a half breed rouge wolf. Tell me dog. Do you know what we do to half breed rouges." Sound wave spoke as he walk to her. Wayna walk a step back and Soundwave match her step for step.

"No sorry... sir... i swear.. that i was out of Megatron territory..." Wayna spoke with her ear back as she is corner into a tree. "Please let me go. You will never see me again... i promises!"

"Don you think i will let go to cross breed with my kind?" Soundwave spoke with a growl as he stood over her looking down on her. "How can i make sure we wolves stay pure? I let you go then we have more crossbreed mutts running in the woods taking our food!"

"Soundwave sir i don't want any pups" Wayna plead softly. "I just want to liv-"

Wayna was cut off by Soundwave growl."Do you think i take your word!" Wayna shake her head no. "Snarl! I had enough of this!" Soundwave then bite on her chess fur digging his claws into her side. Wayna scream with her tail between her legs and kick him under his belly. Soundwave is throw off of her and Wayna makes a run for it.

Wayna was half wolf and dog. the dog was submissive, but the wolf was a fighter who did not give in. she ran with speed not given in trying to escape. she had blood on her chess and claw marks on her side. she could hear Soundwave behind her paws digging into the earth. just then a Jet black wolf with one eye jump in front of her. "It would seem you have some trouble." the wolf spoke as he growl at Wayna. "I'm sure you wont mind if i help you with this half breed."

"Yes i could use some help with this half breed Shockwave." Soundwave said with a smile. "After all the forest belongs to us now. No prime will save some cross breed now."

Shockwave and Soundwave jump on Wayna and attack her. neither wolves let up on there assault on her. "Enough Soundwave." Shockwave spoke as he look down at the bloody crossbreed. she had a blood on her neck back sides and head. He smile down at her and Wayna look up in fear. Soundwave stop as he growl at her. Wayna curl into a ball of pain and fear. "I have thought of a use for you. Killing you would be way to simple. There will always be crossbreed mutts. So what better way to keep your kind under control then making you serve us." Shockwave spoke looking at the horror on the half breed face.

"Make her part of the pack?" Soundwave ask Shockwave as he look at him.

"No. our loyal worker. A half breed can never be equal to me." Shockwave spoke as he push on paw on her head stepping on her. "Soundwave bring her."

"Are you sure Megatron will go for this?" Soundwave ask him.

"he will once i explain to him what she is here for." he then Turn to Wayna and lower his head to face her. "Our little mutt wont try a thing will she?" Wayna shake her head no. "She knows she cant escape us? right?" he bate her neck fur for good measure making her yelp. "She know that she will be punish if she puts one paw out of line." He then let her go making her fall with a thud. "Now lets go back and show what we found."

Wayna try her best to get up and slowly gets to her feet. "Move it!" Soundwave spoke and the two walks back Megatron territory.

That night i dream.  I was in a much more lighting room now. I felt that pokemon again. I could hear what she was saying more clearly. Which was good. "My roll? My place?" Slowly her voice fade away. "Wait don't go!!!! I..need..your... help!!"

I then awoken softly. I got up slowly and look around. 'Only a dream i guess.' I said walking out of my bed of hay. I walk outside and look around for Char. "Char?" I called out. Char walk up to my little home with a smile.

"Hey wayna." He said happily. "How was your morning?"

"Well  its fine and but..." I explain to Char the dreams i been having dreams lately and what they were about. He seem to be not so sure about what my dreams mean.

"Himm... well you said you were a human right?" He ask me in crossing his arms. "Have you thought about weather or not you want to be a human again?"

I look a bit unsure. To he honest i didn't.  I never thought about being human again. Now that i think about it. I dont know. I like Char alot qnd i don't remember much of who i was when i was human. "I don't know Char."

"Yeah i can see why it would be hard for you to chose Wayna."  He spoke to me with a blush. I look a bit confuse. "I mean it's much better to stay here with me right." Char said to me. My ears went down and i hid my face in embarrassment.  Char then change the subject.  "So we gotta go to Pokémon square.  We need information on housing for Pokémon, if they are to join our rescue team."

" Ok cool." I said and follow him to Pokémon square.  As we walk i saw Blade and Raze walking over the little bridge.  I ran up to them. "Hey guy are you off to another rescue?"

"No not really. " Blade said with his ears down looking at me blushing again.  "Were kind of exploring a new place today. It's a lake next to a water fall. We thought it be pretty cool and stuff to look for evolution stone's there."

"Yeah we could get a good price for it at the kecleon brother shop." Raze said happily jumping up and down. Char finally made it up to us. "Then we have to deliver a orange gummy later on."

"Well we hope you find something.  Lately the Pokémon here have not been able to evolve. " Char said crossing his arms.

"Why haven't the Pokémon been able to evolve? " I ask him with a turn of my head.

"To tell you the truth i don't know." Char said kicking his feet. "Maybe it has something to do with all of these disasters and wild Pokémon attacks. Come on Wayna we go now. See you guys."

I look back on them and blade smile lovingly at me. He made me blush.  "Bye guys." I said to them and walk off after Char. Char look back and growl at Blade.

We walk into Pokémon square. As we walk i saw all type of preditors pokemon.  I saw a pack of Electrike and there alpha Manectric. They had all type of prey pokemon in their mouth. They even had a pikachu like Raze. I look towards Char with my ears down. "Char?" I ask him

He look back to me. "Whats wrong Wayna?"

" I'm i a prey Pokémon?  I know that when Eevee evolve they are more powerful.  But are Eevee prey pokemon?" I ask him with my ears down softly.

"No Eevee are preditors.  So you can fit right in with this town. But still your very small. So you should be careful.  Eevee most of the time stay with in there clan and are protected by higher evolve Eevee's. Thats why it is so weird to see a Eevee by them self."

"We'll I dont need protection Char. I can take care of my self." I said with a pout and turn my head.

Char chuckle and smile.  He walk over to me and put his claw on my shoulder.  " I know you can Wayna. You wouldn't be my partner if you weren't." He said and walk in front of me. "Now come on. We need to make it to Wigglytuff Club for information."

Once at the Wigglytuff Club,  Wigglytuff was in front of the desk with a happy smile on his face. "Hello. Hello. My name is Wiggy. Starting today I'm going to be giving away free homes to Pokemon?"

" Free homes?" I said with a turn of my head. "I thought most Pokémon lived in trees, holes and cave's."

"They do but some Pokemon get enough Poke-bit, so that's why they can by a house" char explain.

"Wow so i can have a house build?" I ask with wide eye full of joy.

"Not you." Char said Grabbing my cheaks. "For the Pokémon we recruiting to join us." He let go of my checks and i rub it with my paws. "Now we will save money to buy some homes."

"Well today we Wigglytuff Club is giving away free homes." Wiggy said happily with his hands in the air. " Would you like some."

Me and Char eyes gleam with joy. "Of course we will!" We both said at the same time happily.  

"Alright then. Vamos. You are now given friend areas! Enjoy!" Wiggly said happily. "You now have to buy more homes for Pokémon to live in."

We then heard a noise coming towards us. " WAIT! CHAR! WAYNA! ." We look and saw the two Magnemite fly toward them.  " WE CAME TO JOIN YOUR TEAM. WE TALK IT OVER AND WE WILL FIND SOME PLACE TO LIVE. CAN WE STILL JOIN."

" That wont be necessary Magnemite. We have a place for you to live now." I said to them happily. "So would you both like to join?"



" That a cool name." I said.

"Yes good name." Char said crossing his arms with a smile. "Well we have to go now. Now that we have some homes for Pokémon to live in, we have to go to work. Lets go Wayna."

"Bye guys." I said to them. Me and Char walk off. As we walk we stop to see a big commotion.  In the center a Jumpluff was in distress, talking to a shiftry. Next to him was lower evolve Nuzleaf. " What do you think is going on Char?" I ask him with a  turn of my head.

"I don't know." He spoke as he cross his arms. "Lets try to listen in."

"Please my friend need help desperately.  Wont you help us?"  The jumpluff beg the shiftry. "Your fans can get my friend out in a pinch."

"No way." The shiftry spoke crossing his arms in a smug matter. "You don't have nearly enough poke bits for our service!  Ask another rescue team!"

" But none of the other pokemon can reach her. Plus Jumpluff can be eaten by a preditor pokemon. Please help!"  The poor thing cry softly. "You can't just turn us away!"

"Well i can and i will!" The shiftry yell at him.

" Who are those guys?" I ask no one in particular.

Char growl turning his claws into a fist "that shiftry and his team. That stupid rescue team only help if the coin is good."  Char look at me with a smile. " We got to make sure were nothing like that at all. Ok Wayna.  We will help every pokemon in need."

"Of course." I spoke with a smile. "Lets go help now. Maybe we can find some way to get jumpluff. "

Before we can move to help the poor Pokémon we stop to see a Alakazam with Charizard and Tyranitar. The Alakazam step up towards the shiftry. "You know as a rescue team the pokemon in trouble should be more important then money." Alakazam spoke in a cool monitone.

The shiftry turn around angry to face the pokemon who spoke. He then look fearful but to save face infront of his team he try to loom tuff. "Another rescue team could do it." shiftry spoke up set.

"This is an easy mater for you to handle.  besides jumpluff will go to another plant eater such as your self." Alakazam spoke calmly with knowledgeable voice. "You should help that pokemon. "

shiftry look around and growl. "Fine!" He yell and ran off with his team.

Jumpluff hop foward and smile. "Thank you Alakazam sir." Jumpluff spoke with a smile. "I know im just a plant eater and most rescue teams would not help. It's nice to know someone care."

"No problem. You needed help, so you should get it." Alakazam then walk off with his team. "Now i must go." He walk past us as his team did the same. Alakazam turn around and look in my direction.  I didn't know if he was looking at me or not.

Charizard turn to his leader. "Whats wrong sir?"

"Its nothing. I'm fine." Alakazam spoke and then walk off.

Char walk  over to Wayna with a smile. " We should be just like them Wayna. Alakazam and his team are first class rescue team. If were good like them. Then we can be accomplished just like them."

"Hey Char it's been a while from the last time I ate. To be honest I don't remember eating anything but berries in missions. " I spoke to him as my stomach rumble.  "If im a predator pokemon, then what should I eat."

Char look surprise and then smile. "That right your a predator. Ok we need to get out of pokemon square and do some hunting. Follow me."  Char command and i follow him. Somewhere in the distance a darkly figure watch with an evil smile.

Once out of pokemon square we were in the forest. Char was on a log and i was sitting listen to him speak. "Now Wayna if were going to hunt, you have to know what Pokémon are OK to hunt and what Pokémon are not ok."
You sure you have seen it all. by wasfight17
You sure you have seen it all.
A few days after that a lioness was found with cubs that was not her own. cubs that she kidnap, brain wash and use to kill there home family pride. the lioness was quickly taken away and the cubs taken to an orphan pride. Wayna watch Will thru the whole fight and even fight a teen male her age. but because she was big for her age she over power him.

Now Wayna and Will  was enjoying a day in the cave with the wild dog. Most of the time Will would be out patrolling. but because Day was night and Night was day for Wayna. He had to stay in the cave more often and take care of her. communicating with her was hard.  she would nudge him in the direction she wanted to go and follow him everywhere. Even when he went to see Jack and talk to Hannibal he took her. in a way he like his new responsibility. it was like having a cub.

But for Wayna she was in darkness. the only thing in the whole world she had to stand out was her voice. With out it she felt invisible. She always felt like that before. but now it was to a new level. people didn't even speak to her. she felt alone. in the dead of the night she would cry. the only thing she had that made it better was Hannibal, Will and Abigail. they acknowledge her. they ask her how she was and spoke  to her. Will would speak to her like there was nothing wrong with her. Hannibal would speak to her and tell her about just what he wanted her to know about him. Abigail would speak to her also and speak about her father to her. the one thing Wayna also got from her silence is people would tell you anything if they know you cant tell no one else. this came in handy with outsiders from the pride. she would have to show Will then tell him of dangers. 

Now they just rest in the cave as the wild dogs did the same. Will favorite wild dog Winston slept on top of Wayna. that was until someone came in the high hours of the morning. Jack came and rush Will away. Wayna follow quickly. they walk for a while and jack explain what was going on. "What happen Jack." Will ask him. 

"One of our prisoners were sick."jack explain as they made there way to the deep cave. "So the prison warden had him taken to the cave medic wing. he killed a mane lioness." Jack turn to Wayna. "You should stay out side the cave. it's a bit gruesome." 

"Stay here Wayna." Will spoke to her. she nod her head softly. In the cave Will felt annoyed. "I'm sure it's nothing i have not seen before. i have seen it all jack."

"This way will." Jack said and they turn a corner to see the dead mane lioness. Will eyes went open wide. "You sure you seen it all?"

(a lot of this is from the show Hannibal on NBC Season 1. some of it my own writing and ideas and Wayna belongs to me.)


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