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Mech chapter 1

Sleeping in the cage that Megatron had put the children the kids all slept on top of each other.  Already had they been punish they were resting even though Wayna put up a fuss.

Megatron had then walk into the room the way prime burn with rage have in to see what has happen to the children made him levied with joy. Why just owning the kids just made prime mad enough to loose his cool. He was going to use this angel he had now over prime to get all the mini cons.

He lay down on the berth resting. He pulls out a blue print and went over some plans. He was on to something about the energon blood thing. One of the human already had some in her blood but the other three didn’t. Speaking about the humans one of them were string in their sleep. It was Wayna her wings flap a bit as her tail and body stretch out. “Yawn…” She went.

“Why hello little hell raze how were your power down.” Megatron spoke. Her eyes went wide and she growl he then open the cage and pick her up. “Now don’t go making noise. I would hate to punish you for waking up the others. Now I think we should have a talk with one another.”

“I got nothing to say.” Wayna said stubbornly. “You are an evil Mech that goes around trying to enslave people blow up planets that have life on it all for the sake of energy!”

“Watch your tone girl!” Megatron growl taping on her head. “Ad that not the reason your upset and always get into trouble.”

“What!” Wayna said getting louder earning her another tap. “Well how are you going to tell me what I’m upset about?”

“Simple because you’re a child and don’t see what I see.” Megatron said sternly. “You have been on your own your entire human life with no real direction or discipline. Those dam human care takers are so low and unfit that they can’t even take care of their own sparkling. So to prove haw uncontrolled you are you take on things bigger then you even provoke those dam twins that can hurt you.”

Wayna hated his words. It made her up set to hear those words. Even though if those words are true she hated it. “You don’t know anything about me!” Wayna growl her wing spread threating. “What makes you such an expert on children anyway?”

“Nothing girl but I know someone who is trouble when I see them.” Megatron stated and then look at her intimidated and put his hand on her chess making her lay on her back. “I will not have that behavior here young lady. Here you will learn discipline and structure along with obedience. Do I make myself clear?”  

Wayna look up at him in anger but Megatron gaze was more than enough for her to know he meant business. “Yes….” She grumbles with a pout.

“Good now you and the other will be cleaning the Minicons this afternoon.” Megatron said taking his hands off her chess. “After that I want you and the others to clean the energon cubes.”

“But!” a firm looks from Megatron silence her. “Yes…”

Glad that Wayna obey him and seem to get the message he put her down on the floor as her friends awoken. “Yawn..” Carlos went. “Whats going on?”

“Yeah…yawn.” Alexis ask as her wings flicker a bit. “I was having a good rest.”

“Wayna what’s going on?” Rad asks as he stretches from his spot.

“What’s going on is that you’ll all be cleaning my min cons this after noon.” Megatron stated and the kids began to grumble. “Now none of that after that I will think about giving you some food.”

“Ok…” they all spoke.

“Excuse me!” Megatron demanded.

“Yes sir.”  They all said looking down.

“Good now I will leave you to your guardian while I talk to my scientist.” Megatron said picking up all the kids. And comma in his men. Just then Starscream, Soundwave, Thundercracker and Skywarp came in. “here are all the children. They are to clean the mini cons at noon.”


• Class: Mammal (wolf)
• Sexes: Male and Female
• Average Lifespan: 3,ooo-8,580
• Respiratory Gas: Oxygen
• Solvent: Water
• Reproduction: This species number is very low. A war on their planet has made their numbers very low.  And with very to little no females. There numbers is now two thousands. To have a female breeding partner you have to be high in rank. Because females are low the Wilfins have travel the galaxy’s looking for potential females for their race. The thing is the wilfins are extremely picky about who they mate and want mating with their species. They need females but they want their offspring to be as close to them as possible.
• Blood Color
• Diet: Purely Meat and some time fruit.

Homeworld: Woland

• Size: The size of two venus.
• Axial Tilt: 6
• Day length: 24 hours
• Year length: 369
• Sun: Acxcore
• Moon: Two moons
• Environment: The planet seems to have only one environment setting and that’s warm but not to hot or cold. The planet doesn’t have much wild life due to the war. The planet is mostly cover in lands and don’t have oceans but lakes and swamps. The people get most there moisture from the dew they get from the big leaves that grow on trees.

• Males/Female:  Have dark black, brown, golden brown red fur pelts.
• Males are at least 10 feet tall and muscular. They tend to have K-9 bigger and then females and jaws tend to be wider.
• Females are at least 7 feet tall and are more muscular then males.  There mussels are smaller and tails are longer and they tend to be more fluffy then males.  


• Wilfins are calm and war thinkers. They tend to be always on alert and only relax when an area is secure. Because a female is so low in numbers a male family unit of wilfins is a high ranking officer to have a family and a wife with children. They are very protective of their females and gotten most of their fighting skills from females. In their culture females are stronger and more aggressive.

Interspecies relations
• Wilfins are always looking for females to take for their species but are very picky. Also females are only allow to have one male mate even though there numbers are low they have a strict code of honor and is highly punishable by death if they break this code of honor. Wilfins want humans mate for a very strange affect they have on them some time when mating with them. It seems an allergic reaction has cause human female to grow some of their features such as tail ears and claws.  But because also their offspring they have seem to be almost a match to their own and they are willing to concur earth for the possibility of getting numbers back to the way it was. Due to the human body they believe the humans to be weak and soft so they plan to put the females in  a safe chamber for their own safety.  But little do they know that the humans are no push overs.
this is for anyone who wants to make there own. once made just put a link back to me after you made your 1st one you dont have to do that anymore.
(Specie’s guide)


• Height: 5 Feet Tall
• Snout and Jaws of lion head the fusion of lion and wolf.
• Neck can be that of a wolf or a lion.
• Body pack with mussel with strong back and front legs.
• Paws are that of a lion and wolf but some are born with claws being able to go in or out and some claws are always out.


• Artic:  coat is very fluffy and white or grey or light grey. It helps the creature to hunt the prey in his or her environment.
• Forest: coat is black,brown, red and light brown and only this color. Medium fluffy.  They use their color to help them hunt in the forest green brown environment.
• Desert or Savanna:  only light brown or goldish brown fur. Not fluffy silky fur. Helps in long tall grass and to hide if needed. Not that they would.
• Female Coat:  are  fluffy then male and unlike lions have manes on their heads that can go down there neck or back. there may be tuffs on the elbow of back and front legs
• Male Coat: are not as fluffy as a female and only can go from head to neck  even grow on the underbelly.


• Pointy
• Floppy

• Brown
• White
• Black
• Blue
• Red
Environment Behavior

• Artic:  live in small groups in this environment. Up to numbers of six females and four males.  Mostly made of sisters and brothers. Are very aggressive to out siders of any kind and will attack anyone on sight. Use howls and scent marking very much to establish what is there’s. there are only a dominate female and male. The pack is made up of offspring. No out side male of the family will join. Females might leave family to start her own but my come back if alone and with cub.

• Forest:  live in groups up of ten with only three males.  Easier to find mate and food but risk danger of over population and sometime group may be force to split in two to not over hunt food. The group is not that aggressive and is not just made up of offspring of the two dominate couple.

• Deseret/ Savanna:  live in groups of four females and two males or one. Is more aggressive than anything and females will only share a kill with cubs and only cub. They only stay together for protection and that’s it. The only time food is share with other then cubs is the wet season. If male is strong enough it may challenge the female for her kill and sometimes win. In this it is the female who rule the most.

• Females are rough and can be over dominating barely ever wanted to mate. So it is up to him to get her attention.  Liolf mate for life and is hard for a female to find a new partner if the partner is dead. Females can mate anytime but will only mate when weather conditions are just right. Males will fight one another for a female’s attention and if that don’t work they may fight her for the right to mate. Or immobile by biting her neck.  A male will not fight her if she is surrounded by other females.
Females will go in the den or cave and will be guarded by the male till she give berth.  Then when cubs are born she will leave the den to stretch her legs for an hour and the male will watch the cubs till she return.
• Males that are from the father depending on environment has to leave and make their own pack unless the dominant male don’t want to. But some time for the good of the pack he has to. Males are killers when protection their siblings from outside males and will kill without mercy.

• Once the cubs are old enough the female will be relented to mate again where the male is ready to impregnate her again. But if he can’t he will stay with her and continued his duty in the pack of whatever rank he’s in.


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