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These moments. by wasfight17
These moments.

If you and I begin
To knock on the entwining doors
What kind of future is waiting for us?
Yes, what adults yearn for is a perfect style
Someday, like gears turning
It will be like everything overlaps

Dear God if you exist, I want you to listen to me
I can’t send away these days and moments we can’t repeat
So just for a little while longer I want to be a child, who are the boys&girls
Hiding behind in this world and dreaming, and that’s my story

This day disappears within dusk
But what does it leave behind?
Your footsteps are getting closer and closer
If I could hold these many days close
The night sky doesn’t seem so bad
With the shining stars against the background

Dear God listen to my Happy song, an eternal version recording
Take 1,2,,, For you ! Singing with a loud voice
If it could only be a little bit longer right now
My faint thoughts when you were entranced by my hair
The passing days are my musical scale that tap to the lala melody

In this world, Black or White
One by one, I’ll give you the meaning of “paint my life”
‘3D’ grey is so full of ambiguity
Because adults are always byword

Dear God if you exist, I want you to listen to me,
I can’t send away these days and moments we can’t repeat
So just for a little while longer I want to be a child, for Peter Pan’s sake
If I haven’t woken up in the morning yet, illuminate this world, All right?

Dear wolf by wasfight17
Dear wolf
Dear wolf my legs are getting weak chasing you
The snow fields wouldn't seem so big if you knew
That this blood on my teeth it is far beyond dry
And I've captured you once but I wasn't quite right
So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me

wolf my claws are dull now so don't be afraid
I could keep you warm as long as you can just try to be brave

Yes I know I'm a lion and I've been known to bite
But the rest of my pride I have left them behind
And my teeth may be sharp and I've been raised to kill
But the thought of fresh meat it is making me ill
So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me

So Wolf please stop looking the other way
It's cold out there so why not stay here
Under my tail


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  I saw the trailer to the show and i have been watching it ever sense. Now my relationship between the two. How i meet them and how we are with each other.

How i meet them both: I was walking to school one morning and decide to take a short cut home. I saw Hannibal kill a man in the forest. I didn't know who he was at the time. I watch him pierce a man on deer antlers. He didn't see me so i ran. After that my family got into some trouble- well my father got into some trouble and home was no longer safe. so I ran. In the forest i lived off the land and keep traveling. Till i saw a man letting his dogs out in a home in the woods. He was quite and nice. something was just so nice about him and it brought me some kind of peace. This man was Will. I could tell he was lonely and also misunderstood.

 I was latter track down by the FBI. the judge force me to have therapy by Doctor Lecter. Knowing what Hannibal did i didn't trust my self. So thru the whole therapy i did not speak one word. In Fact i did not speak to him in any of the seasons. Hoping to get me to speak Hannibal had Will to reach out to me. Will actually wanted to. Feeling shy was spent time at his home. I spoke to Will and only Will. Seeing how he think of Hannibal I could not warn him. He would not believe me. No one would. telling him would only tip off Hannibal. Hannibal would kill me to protect him self. So i could only be there for Will and be his friend. I have no home so i live with Will.

Hannibal Relationship with me: Hannibal watch me very closely. He is suspects of my knowledge. So he use Will to get me to open up. Because he didn't get any value to him and has no answers to his questions he continues  being my doctor. As the two of us has sessions i begin to come out of fear and respect him. Till one day Hannibal is push off a ledge and i'm able to kill him. As i look into his eyes i just couldn't so i save him. Hannibal don't know why but he is happy about this because it shows i care about him. Something i wont admit. So he returns a favor more then once my life was put in danger and he protect me.  He is like a father figure to me.  A very strict Father figure to me. When i meet Abigail Hobbs i didn't trust her. i just had a feeling. I didn't hate her. but as time went on and i spent time with her i began to like her with caution. that is until i found out she killed an some one and help her father. I didn't want her to hang for her father deeds. I know she fear her father. So i felt pity for her and I accept her. Unfortunately he did feed me his "meat". that was before i knew he ate people. Hannibal over time see's me as a daughter. something for him to keep like a collar pet.  for a long time i didn't  know what to do feel about Hannibal. The thing about Hannibal is no matter how much you hate him. you still love him. I wont say it till the very end.

Will Graham Relationship with me:  I was very shy around him.But as we live together i told him how i saw him in the wood and what i thought of him back then. We spent time together and he took me fishing. I would sneak onto the crime scene and see what was done.  Will would always call me out and so would Hannibal. When ask why i was there my answer would always be "Curious." Will would just let it go and Hannibal would give me a stare. As i watch Will lose his mind. I feel the guilt of not being able to warn him. So i do my best to protect him. Also Hannibal Know that i Know. So instead of killing me. He begins to make sure i would lose my own mind. Hannibal Was injecting me with serum. The serum mess up my sight and made me mute. Night time is day for me and Day is Night. Now unable to speak and a mental track record. I no longer pose a threat to him. No court will listen to me. Will see me lose it but cant see Hannibal. I cant tell him. In that Time Will act as a older brother and protect me the best he can. He make sure I'm on time for anything and takes me everywhere. His dogs look out for me.  Will helps with everything no matter what it is.  I have will back and he has my mind. He's my "older brother." Will invite me to live in home but still took longer for him to adjust to have someone live in his home. once we got use to each other we spend time with one another. We talk about dog and i help him take care of them. So i look up to him and i love him.

Hannibal: Wendigo
Will: Dog / Young Wendigo
Me: Dog/Lion/Wolf pup/cub/ Baby Wendigo 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
i a a young artist trying to become a grate artist. i perfer to draw anime then anything ealse. and would love to draw comic books about my favorit disney movies.

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Hi ^_^ My name is Firehart (as you've probably noticed by the title above) but I was wondering if you want to do a "sketch trade"?

My fursona also has a curly mane To Ruta, With Love by Firehart95 (like me) and Id love to draw Wayna and Firehart together :) Would you be interested in that? 
wasfight17 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
How the hell can i say no of course i will. I will draw her and Wayna!
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Awesome! I'll do the same :D 

She's also pretty big (Im 6ft tall in real life). Is there anything in particular you'd like me to draw or would you like me to surprise you? 
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ok cool.
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