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October 10, 2012
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Prowl baby girl chapter 11


Prowl pick me up and ran to my room. I was upset I wanted to help to why were they treating me this way?  "Prowl!" I scream at him. "I want to help to.  Ironhide is my friend to!"
"Waynesha it is too dangerous for you." he said to me reaching my room and putting me down on the bed. But before I could say anything prowl was gone. I was piss how dare he just leave me like I am so helpless. I was more than piss! Electricity course thru my body. My eyes was white and I teleported.  

I was in a prison cell. In the decepticons new base. I was so stupid! I was stalking soundwave while he was in vehicle mode. I was so mad that I forgot to lower my energy signal. Slag it. I lost the slagger. Then I was ambush by him. I was hit with a sonic boom. When I woke up I was chine up with a laughing megatron. He told me that he would get the all spark. And force her to do his bidding. Soundwave punch me in my chest plates. Sending me a mental message.
"I will have her!" he spat at me in my head. "And I will finish the job!"
He left me alone in a dark cell. I knew what they were planning. They were planning to use me as a bargaining chip. Megatron will give Optimus a choice. Me or the girl.  Just then I a flash of electricity hit me. And right in front of me is Waynesha. I could feel a UN believable large amount of power running in front of me. It was almost unbearable. And then we were gone.
We were in the forest now. Waynesha was now limp in my hand. "Waynesha!" no answer it was no use. She use up all her power to transport both me and her. Just then I heard jets. And I felt someone energy signal. I knew it was very well. Starscream!
I transform now lowering my energy signal. I put my sweet cargo in me and secure her greatly.  I look up ahead and saw a cave. I needed to repair myself. Soundwave rely did a number on me.  I drove to the cave in record speed. I then transform and put Waynesha on a rock. I began working on working on repairs when I heard Starscream.  
"Where are you autobot scum!" Starscream spat. "I know you are close!"
I then pick her up and move deeper into the cave. I Herd starscream and it sound like he flew off. I decided it was time to move. I transform and put waynesha in me and drove out. I was careful not to let my signature rise. I was well out of decepticons reach.  I was finally backed in the base. When I was inside no one else was there.  I transform and put waynesha in her room and on her bed. I then radio over to optimus. "Optimus." I said.
"Ironhide! Thank primus that you're online! Are you alright?" optimus ask over joyed and a little worried.  
"I could use a medic and I have waynesha she's with me at the base." Ironhide said.
"We are on our way." optimus said.
"Alright ironhide out."  Ironhide said. Later on optimus and the rest of the autobots came. Ratchet was already repairing my wounds. While prowl rush to waynesha quarters to see if she was ok.  Some nest human doctors followed behind him. I told them everything how waynesha teleported and rescue me.  How I snuck away from starscream and escape.
They were amazed and blow away. "Training for waynesha will begin soon."


I awoke to a worry prowl. "Thank the all spark you're alright."
"I am fine prowl what happen?" I ask rubbing my head. I notice while I was pass out that I had another bath and was wearing new clothes. A Labrador black puppy pajama this time. I then notice some nest human doctors were snickering and laughing at me. I growl at them. They then left leaving me and prowl alone.
"Young lady! You are grounded! You could have been killed!" he said sternly.
"I am sorry ironhide." I said feel guilty. "It was an accident. I just got so angry and then I sort of black out."
"Well at least you're ok. My sweat sparkling. So as punishment you will have extra lessons from ratchet." he said rubbing my head. "Now off to bed."
I didn't resist as he tuck me in and turning off the lights. "I will be back for you later. Young one." He said and left.  I snuggle into my bed and went to sleep. The next morning prowl found out from the security tapes that jazz had done to me and beat the slag out of him. He spent all morning in the med bay. Prowl then slam me with a whole day worth of work. Man there was a lot. Mumble and grumble but relatedly did it. It took me half a day. He made do it all in front of him while still in my pajamas.  For a guardian he was strict.
"Can I go out to play?" I ask him pleading. "I promises I will be safe." He looks at me for a second and sigh.
"Fine but be back soon alright?" he said.
"Yea! Bye prowl!" I said running out the door. I head to whealjack lab I heard he did I lot of cool experiments there. I in his lab now and I saw him working on something I climb up the stairs and onto his table.
"Oh slag not again." he said holding a vile of white energon.
"Hey whealjack." I said to wheeljack.
"Ahh!" he screams dropping the white energon and it spill over me. "Waynesha what the name of primus are you doing?" he asks.
All of the sudden I became smaller and black with blue eyes. I was completely meddle.
"Oh no waynesha are you alright?" wheeljack ask panicking.
"I am fine. But what happen to me?" I chirp at him. I then realize I couldn't talk anymore.
"Oh no you're a sparkling! Prowl is going to kill me!" I notice he didn't answer my question.  So that meant no one would understand me.  This made me really sad. I mean what about my mom or dad? What's going to happen to me?  I thought all about this and as I thought I cried.
"No,no. don't cry I will fix you waynesha ok?" he said picking me up holding to his chest armor rocking me. "It will be alright. Guys?" wheeljack radio over the other autobots. "We have a problem."
"HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!" prowl scream at wheeljack while optimus and ironhide held him back.
"It was an accident she was behind me and she startles me. Then the vile of white energon fell on her." said wheeljack trying to calm prowl down.  Bumble bee, jazz, and ratchet was both looking at me.
"You should have been more careful!" Prowl growl at him angrily. "I should have never let out of my sight." He then said sadly.
"Calm down prowl we will get her back to normal." Optimus said releasing prowl. "Her creators are out and won't be back till two months from their trip to Orlando."
"Yes prowl she will back to normal." Ironhide said. But truthfully he just wanted his lover back.
"What do we do till then?" bumble bee ask.
"The normal thing creators would do." Ratchet said holding waynesha. "Feed her, bathe her and love her."
"The same thing prowl always does." Jazz snickered to ironhide playfully pushing him. Both mech were laughing. Prowl then sent them both a glare.
"aw man prowl never going to let me out of his sight ever." I chirp angrily.
"You think she remembers us?"  Bumble bee click. They all look at me. I just chirp and click trying to say something. But all they took it for was baby babble.
"I don't think so." Optimus said.
"I will make an energon formula for sparkling's." Ratchet said giving waynesha to prowl.
"While wheeljack works on a cure for her, we will take turns watching waynesha." Optimus said.
"Alright but after she feeds." said Prowl taking me from ratchet as they both head out the door to ratchets lab.
After I was feed prowl watch me for about an hour. Then bumble bee took me out for a car ride with Sam.  Sam was surprise but also thought it was cute to see me like this. The nest agents would play with me and give me toys. Jazz would show me his dance moves and ironhide would show he his weapons and his cannons. Ratchet would still try to teach me something.  Optimus would tell me story's about cybertron.
Right now we were at the beach and I was playing in the sand. I was making a sand castle.  Ironhide was looking at some data pads. When I heard loud explosion. I was then pluck in the air. "Lazerbeak!"  
Oh no I thought. " Ironhide! I cried chirping at him. And then we were gone.
so sorry that it was late. but i had writers block. but you know what will un block it lazy peaple writing a comic.
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jazzy3567 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student Artist
I love it and it is getting good.
wasfight17 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
thank you but i stop it at 12
jazzy3567 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student Artist
sakurablur14 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012
well that wasAWESOME PLEASE ANOTHER ONE THAT WAS GREAT......i wonder what the reaction of the decepticons will be when the will see her as a sparkling
wasfight17 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
i wrote a new story call they be long to me. with two other writers. also i'm asking if people can donate points.
wasfight17 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
they wont find out till latter
sakurablur14 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
yeah but i can imagine the look in their frames
wasfight17 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
so can i but i have writer block any suggestuons.
sakurablur14 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
hm well you can begin.....the autobots learn about the kidnapping and trying to save her and the decepticons are shocked by her appearance and shockwave tries to find a cure.....soundwave babysits her
wasfight17 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
alright mybe ill use it
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